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ASI MP 5405 Clear 5 Minute Epoxy Adhesive

Product Highlights

Adhesive Type:
  • Epoxy
  • Adhesive Systems Inc (ASI)
Cartridge Ratio:
  • 1:1
Cartridge Size:
  • 400mL
  • 50mL
  • Clear

Bonds To
General Purpose

Set Time: Fast
SKU: ASI 5405-5
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ASI MP 5405 Clear 5 Minute Epoxy Adhesive

About the ASI MP 5405 Clear 5 Minute Epoxy

The Adhesive Systems Inc ASI MP 5405 is one of our best selling epoxy formulas. This 1 to 1 general purpose epoxy is fast setting, with a 3-5 minute work life and a viscosity of 12,500 cps. MP 5405 epoxy forms a rigid bond, that is machinable and clear.

The ASI MP5405 bonds to a wide range of substrates and is especially good at bonding ceramic and plastics. 

Dispensing the ASI MP 5405 Clear

The ASI MP5405 is a two part adhesive. This means the A and B sides of the adhesive do not activate until they are mixed. Typically, this adhesive is dispensed using a cartridge gun and static mixer. The cartridge gun used will depend on whether you are using the 50ml or 400ml cartridge. 

Compare ASI MP 5405 to

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  • BOSTIK™ 7575
  • CIBA-GEIGY™ 2012
  • HYSOL™ EPK/EPS 608
  • LOCTITE™ E 00 CL

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Specifications »

ASI MP 5405 Clear Epoxy Adhesive Specifications

  • Ratio: 1 to 1
  • Viscosity: 12,500
  • Color: Clear
  • Work Life: 3-5 Minutes
  • Shear Strength: 2,000 to 4,000 psi
  • Dielectric Strength: 400 Volts/Mils
  • Hardness Shore D: 80

Data Sheets »

ASI MP 5405 Clear Epoxy Adhesive Data Sheets

ASI MP 5405 Technical Data Sheet

ASI MP 5405 Material Safety Data Sheet