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ASI MP 5405 FLEX Impact Resistant Two Part Epoxy Adhesive

Product Highlights

Adhesive Type:
  • Epoxy
  • Adhesive Systems Inc (ASI)
Cartridge Ratio:
  • 1:1
Cartridge Size:
  • 400mL
  • 50mL
  • Tan

Bonds To
General Purpose

Set Time: Fast
Impact & Shock Resistant
SKU: ASI 5408-5
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About the ASI MP 5405 FLEX Epoxy Adhesive

The Adhesive Systems Inc ASI MP5405 FLEX is a two part epoxy with a 3-5 minute pot life. What makes the ASI MP5405 FLEX unique is its vibration and shock resistance. This is a rubber modified epoxy that offers strong bonds to most substrates including difficult surfaces like metals, plastics and ceramic. 

The ASI MP5405 FLEX produces bonds that can withstand moisture, humidity and saltwater. They are also resistant to most inorganic acids and bases as well as most inorganic solvents. 

Dispensing the ASI MP 5405 FLEX Epoxy Adhesive

The ASI MP5405 FLEX is a two part epoxy. This means the A and B sides of the adhesive do not activate until they are mixed. Typically, this adhesive is dispensed using a cartridge gun and static mixer. The cartridge gun used will depend on whether you are using the 50ml or 400ml cartridge.

Specifications »

ASI MP 5405 FLEX Impact Resistant Epoxy Specifications

  • Ratio: 1 to 1
  • Viscosity: 9,500
  • Color: Clear
  • Work Life: 3-5 Minutes
  • Shear Strength: 2,000 to 4,000 psi
  • Dielectric Strength: 400 Volts/Mils
  • Hardness Shore D: 65

Data Sheets »

ASI MP 5405 FLEX Epoxy Adhesive Data Sheets

ASI MP 5405 FLEX Technical Data Sheet

ASIMP 5405 FLEX Safety Data Sheet

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ASI MP 5405 FLEX Impact Resistant Two Part Epoxy Adhesive