Loctite 4306 Flashcure Light Curing Cyanoacrylate Adhesive


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About Henkel Loctite 4306 Flashcure Light Curing Adhesive

Henkel Loctite 4306 is a one part, instant, wicking, low viscosity, clear to pale green, UV/ visible light, rapid cure, fluorescent adhesive designed for gluing materials that need to be fixed quickly. Because of its UV light cure, exposed areas are cured rapidly, thus reducing the possibility of blooming and providing a viable alternative to solvent based accelerators. They are suitable for metals, wood, most plastics, rubbers and the assembling of disposable medical equipment and have been tested on (and found suitable) ISO 10993 for use in the assemblage of disposable medical tools. This is an excellent multi-purpose super glue and can be used for all kinds of household repairs

Plus, you never have to throw useful glue away because they hardened inside the bottle after first use! It has a great shelf life – owing to its bottle design – meaning that you can use again and again until you’ve emptied the bottle of its content!

Loctite 4306 Light Cure Adhesive Features

  • Perfect for assembling medical devices
  • Low Viscosity
  • Very Rapid Fixturing
  • UV Curing Adhesive

Benefits of Loctite 4306 Adhesive

  • Clear transparent liquid
  • Fast cure speed
  • Rapid fixture time
  • Suitable for items such as metals, wood, most plastics and rubbers
  • Easy to use

    Henkel Loctite 430 Instant Bonder Adhesive Specifications



    Chemical Type

    Ethyl cyanoacrylate with photoinitiator


    Transparent, light yellow-green to dark blue-green liquidLMS


    Positive under UV lightLMS


    One part - requires no mixing


    Ultraviolet (UV)/ visible light

    Secondary Cure




    Key Substrates

    Plastics, Rubbers and Metals

    Loctite 4306 Flashcure Light Cure Cyanoacrylate Data Sheets

    Technical Data Sheet

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