Infinity Bond FreezerPack Glue Stick Review

What is a Freezer-Grade Adhesive?

Typically used for food packaging applications, freezer-grade hot melts are specially designed to withstand extremely cold temperatures for an extended period of time. Many freezer packages are wax-coated or varnished which is a difficult substrate for traditional hot melts to bond. These challenges require a specialized hot melt to ensure a strong bond and prevent pop-open boxes.

Glue Sticks for Freezer Packaging 

Freezer-grade glue sticks are a great option for end of line packaging to seal packages that pop open. We recommend the Infinity Bond FreezerPack ½ Inch Glue Sticks. They can be dispensed with any standard ½ Inch glue gun. The Infinity Bond FreezerPack glue sticks are the only glue sticks we have found to work well on the difficult coated substrates and in extremely cold temperatures. 

Infinity Bond FreezerPack Glue Sticks are also certified by the FDA for indirect contact with food, another reason why it is so popular for food packaging applications

Glue Gun for Freezer Packaging

For medium scale dispensing like end-of-line jobs to seal pop open packages, the Infinity Bond Scout is perfect. Designed for light industrial use, it offers features like a premium stroke adjuster for fine-tuning the size of the hot melt bead being dispensed. 

For larger industrial dispensing needs, the Infinity Bond Ranger PRO is a great option. The 330 Watt applicator can keep up with your demands and the temperature adjustment ranges from 265 to 445 Degrees Fahrenheit so you can always dispense exactly how your hot melt glue stick requires. It also comes with a durable stand and is compatible with a range of nozzles. 

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