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Infinity Melt FreezerPack Glue Stick Review

Infinity Melt FreezerPack Glue Stick Review

Infinity Bond FreezerPack Freezer Grade Packaging Glue Stick Review

FreezerPack from Infinity is a product we gladly welcomed to Finding a glue stick formulated specifically for freezer packaging isn't common. Freezer packaging is commonly varnished or wax coated, plus the cold temps make it a bit difficult for bonds to hold.  However, FreezerPack doesn't have any issues tackling this difficult packaging application.


Type: EVA
Application Temperature: 350°F 
Viscosity @ 350°F: 2,200 cps 
Softening Point: 240°F 
Open Time: Fast
Color: Light Straw
Form: 1/2”
Shelf Life: Indefinite

Suggested Application:

Freezer Grade Packaging

Comparable Products:

  • We honestly don't have too many that are comparable, but Infinity Melt CleanPack & MultiPack offer good cold resistance. Call us if you need more suggestions.

FreezerPack is great for small scale packaging applications like end of the line case repair.  Leave a comment below, call 855-437-7700 or e-mail