Adhesive Strength Test: Best Adhesives for Bonding Metal to Metal

We set out to find the best adhesive for bonding metal to metal by conducting a strength test in our adhesive testing lab that compared a number of industry-leading MMA adhesives. We've helped hundreds of manufacturers with adhesive applications involving metal, so we already knew which adhesives generally work best for metal. However, conducting this strength test helps us provide our customers the best recommendation possible. 

Methyl methacrylate adhesives, also known as MMAs, are a favorite in manufacturing and product assembly. These two part adhesives provide ultra strong bonds to a wide range of substrates, including metals and plastics. Usually MMAs are better than epoxy for bonding metals and plastics. MMA adhesives require little to no surface prep to create a strong, permanent bond. This allows for faster production times and easier assembly processes.


Strength Test - Bonding metal to metal with MMA adhesives

Two 3x1 inch aluminum strips were used to create 3 samples for each adhesive. The adhesive was applied to a 1x1 inch area for continuity. Samples were allowed to set for 36 hours.

Adhesives Included in Testing:


Adhesives Strength Test using the Universal Testing Machine - Metal to Metal

Our lab utilizes the Universal Testing Machine to measure peel strength, shear strength as well as tensile stress of an adhesive sample. For the purposes of this comparison, the tensile stress that each adhesive could withstand was measured. The comparison values are measured in kilograms of force (kgf). The clamps were used to secure a sample from each side, and were secured by tightening the bolts attached. The machine was then instructed to apply a force in the vertical direction.


The force that each adhesive could withstand before failure was measured and recorded. Cohesive failure of varying degrees was observed on all samples; while some exhibited complete cohesive failure, some displayed a degree of adhesive failure as well. 

The results of each adhesive and the force that it was able to withstand are shown below, and are ranked in order of decreasing force.


Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3


Infinity Bond MMA 300





Loctite AA H3000





Plexus MA300





3M DP805





Final Thoughts

As seen in the results, Infinity Bond MMA 300 was able to withstand the most force out of all the adhesives. Although this test only shows one small dataset, it can be concluded that MMA adhesives are very effective at bonding metal to metal. If you would like a personalized product recommendation or would like to have samples tested in our lab, please feel free to contact us.

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