Cordless Hot Glue Gun Options

Seeking freedom – the very idea our country was founded on – is a right of passage for all creators. While that idea may sound a little lofty compared to the choice of which hot melt gun to purchase next, we won’t deny that cordless glue guns give you a little piece of freedom. And we take that very seriously.

The obvious advantage of cordless guns is freedom. You have greater flexibility to do your work the way you like, without the limitations of a power source or cumbersome cords.


If your hobbies include crafting, scrapbooking, decorating, collages, or anything else that involves adhesive, we know that having flexibility to carefully apply hot melt how and where you want it can be the difference between a magazine-worthy creation and a kid’s craft project. These are our top cordless glue guns to get the job done the right way the first time:

  • AD TECH MULTI TEMPERATURE HYBRID CORDLESS GLUE GUN: You’re the boss with the Ad Tech Multi Temperature Hybrid. Power your gun with four AA batteries or sustain power with a removable, standard power cord. The multi-temperature settings and precision nozzle give you additional sensitivity for fine detail work and small projects.
    • AD TECH ULTRA LOW TEMP COOL TOOL GLUE GUN: We’re all a little sensitive sometimes. If you’re using heat sensitive materials such as fabric or foam that respond to heat, this low temperature gun will ensure your adhesive is just hot enough to bond your project without risk of burning your skin or ruining your craft materials. This is an especially great option for kids’ projects so you can take the worry out of your next project.
      • ALEENE’S ULTIMATE GLUE GUN KIT BY AD TECH: For the premium crafter, we know you won’t settle for anything but the best. Aleene’s Ultimate Glue Gun Kit comes with a duel temp gun that runs off batteries or a removable power cord as well as three specialty nozzles (including needle nose, flat spreader, and side cut options). And for anyone who says you can’t take it with you – Aleene’s also comes with a carrying case for projects on the go. 


      We know that you take your job seriously and that performance is key, which is why we offer a comprehensive variety of cordless and hybrid guns to meet your taste and needs. Whether you’re sealing boxes or working in construction, we have a gun for every project.

      • SUREBONDER PRO2-60 BATTERY GLUE GUN: Give your full attention to your project with up to an hour of Lithium battery powered heat. The Surebonder Pro2-60 is as portable as it is affordable and ideal for end of line carton sealing, dent pulling, and more.
          • POWER ADHESIVES GAS TEC 600 CORDLESS GLUE GUN: Perfect for the solid surfaces industry, this gun keeps your projects moving. The Gas Tec 600 heats up in just five minutes and uses eco-friendly butane canisters for easy refill even when working in hard to reach places.
            • STEINEL TM 6000 CORDLESS BUTANE GLUE GUN: Arguably our fastest cordless gun – heating up in approximately three minutes. The gun leverages a newly designed venting system and fuel cells to increase output and reliability, making it especially suitable for construction projects such as flooring and piping applications.

            See what we mean? There really is a gun for everyone and every project. Make sure you check out our Butane vs. Battery Glue Guns blog to learn more about these cordless wonders.

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