Top 5 Surebonder Glue Guns

Top 5 Surebonder Glue Guns

Surebonder has a great collection of industrial glue guns but we have put together a list of their top 5. We chose this gun based on a number of factors including unique features, best selling and top performers. You can find the entire line industrial glue guns in the Surebonder Glue Gun section

5) Surebonder PRO700

The Surebonder PRO700 is a very unique glue gun to the industry. This battery powered unit takes a standard 1/2" inch stick and runs continuously for up to 60 minutes with a fast 30 minute battery charge. It is a little on the expensive side but if freedom from an outlet is a must, the PRO700 is an excellent choice. 

4) Surebonder PRO2-450

The Surebonder PRO2-450 is on of their only glue guns that uses 5/8" glue sticks. This industrial applicator can dispense an amazing 10lbs of hot melt per hour and has lots of great upgrades like stroke adjustment, lighted on/off switch and adjustable temperature control. If you need to dispense in high volume and don't want to hassle with pneumatic or bulk applicators, the PRO2-450 is a great high volume all electric hot melt glue gun.

3) Surebonder PRO100

We love the Surebonder PRO100 for its unique design and versatile adhesive options. This is a cartridge glue gun that dispenses hot melt in 40 gram tubes. Adhesive options include hot melt formulations difficult or impossible to find in stick form like pressure sensitive and aggressive pressure sensitive. The PRO100 also comes in at an excellent price point.

2) PRO9000A

The Surebonder PRO9000A is an excellent mid-high volume glue gun using standard 1/2" glue sticks. You can check out our full review here but the long and short of it is this is a powerful glue gun with a great feature set. We especially like the built-in thermostat which helps keep the PRO9000A dispensing consistently at high volumes or extended working times.  

1) PRO2-220

Here it is, our #1 ranked Surebonder glue gun, the PRO2-220. This is an excellent all purpose gun priced very competitively against comparable guns from other manufacturers. The PRO2-220 comes with adjustable temperature control, stroke adjustment and a plastic carrying case. The 220 Watt heater helps this gun dispense up to 5lbs of hot melt per hour while the gun weighs in at around 2lbs. 

Overall, Surebonder has an excellent line-up of industrial glue guns and there's sure to be one to fit your dispensing needs. Contact us with questions about any of these products or for help choosing your next glue gun.  

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