Top Applications for a Cordless Butane Glue Gun

Top 5 Applications for Cordless Butane Glue Guns

Get the power to move about when you need it most, check out our top 5 list of applications for Steinel TM 6000 Butane Powered Glue Gun. This glue gun gives you 100 minutes of run time on each cartridge. The TM 6000 butane cartridges are easy to refill, all you need is a butane canister used to refill a lighter. Please contact us with any questions about Steinel's TM 6000 Glue Gun.  

  1. Solid Surface: a butane glue gun works wonderfully for templating - no need for electricity & no cords in the way! A great glue stick for templating is Power Adhesives 213.
  2. Flooring: A butane glue gun is great for putting down tackstrips, starter boards, and metal brackets. Common adhesives include PAMTite, TackFix 48, and Surebonder 925.
  3. Theater Sets: Perfect for creating beautiful sets, out of just about everything.  We recommend using a general purpose glue stick like Surebonder 725 this type of application.
  4. Displays: Not sure what your trade show booth will look like? Bring the supplies and put together your display in minutes with the use of a cordless butane glue gun. Also, great for making store displays and more.
  5. Around the House & Crafts: This glue gun is so handy, grab and go! Perfect for minor house repairs and for crafts and hobbies! Try using our economic hot melt Ad Tech 229 for general purpose applications.

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