Power Adhesives TEC 6100 Glue Gun Review

The TEC 6100 hot melt glue gun is a highly rated pneumatic glue gun. But with several great options on the market, it's hard to decide which glue gun is right for your application. We carefully reviewed the TEC 6100 hot melt glue gun so you can decide if it's the perfect fit for you. Learn more about this product's features, advantages, best uses, and top adhesives.

TEC 6100 Features

Easy to use

  • This heavy-duty pneumatic glue gun is easy to use, even if you're working for long periods of time. Simply set your air compressor to 120 psi, wait five to ten minutes for the glue gun to warm up to its optimal temperature, and you're ready to work all day. A non-stick coated piston makes this glue gun remarkably easy to load and prevents melt back.
Efficient design
  • The modern, efficient design of the TEC 6100 resulted from hours of research and development. This outstanding machine outputs nine pounds of glue per hour, but the glue gun weighs in at a mere three pounds. It's rugged but lightweight design makes it easy to use long-term, and it's especially great for heavy-duty, industrial applications. Two 250-watt stainless steel heaters offer incredible thermal efficiency and a consistent melt rate.
  • If efficiency is important for your operation, increase it by up to 100% with the bench mount kit, designed specifically for the TEC 6100. A foot pedal keeps both hands free for better control and increased efficiency. Add the benefit of a stand to hold everything steady, and you're on your way to a truly professional application. For perfectly consistent output, add the bench mount timer to the assembly to get just the right amount each time. You won't waste any glue, with the bench mount and timer. Whether you choose the add-ons or simply buy the TEC 6100, you'll get excellent output, a lightweight tool, and great results.

Additional temperature models

  • Some manufacturers only offer glue guns in one or two temperatures, but the TEC 6100 offers additional thermostats. The standard hot melt comes standard and functions at 195 degrees Celsius. Customize the gun to your application with the low melt option, which works at 130 degrees Celsius, or raise the temperature to 215 degrees Celsius for polyamide hot melts. Whatever your project needs, the TEC 6100 has a temperature option that's right for you.

Best uses

  • The TEC 6100 is ideal for heavy-duty, industrial applications. The rugged, reliable tool includes an integral gun stand, suspension ring, operating instructions, and a full year guarantee. With top-of-the-line power and efficiency, this tool is great for the most demanding operations. Power Adhesives designs and manufactures this glue gun to high specifications, so it's great for industry work.
  • This glue gun is essential for high volume operations. It uses large cartridges and eliminates the risk of running out of hot glue by keeping a cartridge in the gun at the correct operational temperature. Reloading is simple and fast. An audible and visible signal indicates a successful reload, so there's less down time. 
  • If you need a single glue gun for applications that require multiple temperatures, the interchangeable thermostat on this glue gun is a great option. Adapt a single glue gun for various applications with this incredible feature.


  • Light-weight design makes it easy to operate for long periods of time and reduces operator fatigue.
  • Power-on light and completely enclosed heater improve safety.
  • Interchangeable thermostat expands potential applications.
  • Warms up in 10 minutes or less.
  • Excellent, consistent output of 9 lbs of glue per hour.
  • Alternative nozzles are available to match specific applications.
  • Value is exceptional for the cost.
  • Two-piece easy flow nozzle improves flow.
  • Fast reload improves efficiency.
  • One-year guarantee included.
  • Non-stick coated piston reduces glue melt back and eases the reloading process.
  • Long-life PTFE barrel ensures even flow.

Top adhesive options

  •  One of the best things about the TEC 6100 is its versatility. Use it with a wide variety of top-quality adhesives. Use your application to determine which is best for you.
  • General purpose: The TEC Bond 232 is a fantastic option for general purpose applications. It adheres well to plastics, light metals, paper, fabric, and wood. It has a medium open time and high viscosity. Choose this adhesive for packaging, product assembly, upholstery, or foam applications for great results every time.
  • Plastics: Choose the TEC Bond 240 if you use plastics in your application. Although it bonds wood, paper, and light metals effectively, this adhesive excels at bonding plastic products. Use it on PVC, polystyrene, and acrylic materials for an excellent bond.
  • Packaging: Try the TEC Bond 14 adhesive for packaging. It's fast set time and high delivery make it perfect for bonding cardboard and paper products.
  • Heat-sensitive: For heat-sensitive applications, use the low melt thermostat along with the TEC Bond LM44 Low Temp adhesive. With a short open time and low temperature, this adhesive is an excellent choice for packaging and certain woodworking projects.
  • Long open time: If your application requires a long open time, choose the TEC Bond 23 Long Open Time adhesive. It's the perfect fit for general purpose materials that require a longer open time. Use it on wood, paper, some plastics, and light metals.
  • Difficult surfaces: For challenging surfaces like metal and plastic, choose the TEC Bond 260. This high performance adhesive creates a strong but flexible bond. The long open time gives users plenty of time to set materials properly after applying the material.

Overall, the TEC 6100 is a versatile, efficient pneumatic glue gun. It has excellent value and works perfectly for heavy-duty industry work. Switch out the thermostat to use the same glue gun on an even wider variety of applications. If you need more help deciding which glue gun is right for your application, or if you want assistance with choosing the right adhesive for your project, please contact us. Our experts are always ready to help you find the perfect tool for your application.

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