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Woodworking Products Now Available At

Woodworking Products Now Available At

We've Got You Covered When It Comes to Woodworking Adhesives and Glue Guns

Woodworking is a craft that requires great skill, patience, self-control, and attention to detail. It’s also an industry that produces some of the most durable, aesthetic, and high quality products available in a number of industries. Industrial woodworking includes the production of timber (supply wood for DIY projects) and wood-based products/supplies for industries like furniture, cabinetry, carpentry, boat design, flooring, framing, and general assembly. Such a vast industry also requires the use of specially made products that assist craftsman and assembly workers in manufacturing and assembling wood-based products. These include blades and cutting tools, fastening bits like nuts and bolts, and industrial-quality adhesives and glue gun or bulk hot melt applicators. offers a variety of industrial adhesives, glue guns, and accessories that can help you handle any application in any industry, including woodworking. We have partnered with some of the most reputable names in the industry, including 3M, Power Adhesives, Adhesives Technology, Sulzer, Surebonder, and more, to bring you the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. You can search our extensive catalogue for adhesives and accessories by brand, type, price, and even by applications. To find the most recommended products for woodworking applications, simply select ‘woodworking’ in the search bar, and browse through the search results. Here are some products you can expect to see from conducting a search for ‘woodworking’ products.

AdTech Pro 200 Glue Gun

    The Pro 200 Glue Gun from Adhesives Technology is one of the best selling glue guns available on the market. It features a comfortable four-finger trigger and dual stand that reduces user wear and makes it extremely easy to use. Pro 200 also features a hot melt dispensing rate of 3.5lb/hour, and utilizes ½” size glue sticks that can be dispensed through a variety of nozzles. The Pro 200 is also included in the Woodworking Kit, which also features 5lbs of Ad Tech's 962-110 woodworking glue sticks.

    Power TEC Bond 7718 Polyamide Glue Sticks

    The Tec Bond 7718 Polyamide glue sticks are highly recommended for bonding difficult substrates like wood, plastic, and metal. They feature a short open time, low viscosity (1000@ 350ºF), and excellent heat resistance. The special formulation of TEC Bond 7718 makes it an excellent adhesive for woodworking, electrical potting, and knot filling, among other more specific applications. These glue sticks are also available in a variety of colors, and in a number of quantities.

    PAMTite UX8012 Glue Sticks

    Pam Fastening’s PAMTite glue stick is an acrylic hot melt adhesive specially formulated to provide exceptionally strong bonds to difficult substrate surfaces. It is commonly used in carpentry and woodworking applications, including furniture manufacturing, hardwood floor installation, and as a temporary fastener. PAMTite has a 50-second open time and is produced with a clear color and a viscoscity of 4,000cps@356˚F. It is highly recommended for use with Pam Fastening’s HB 220 Glue Gun, which incidentally is the next entry on this list.

    PAM HB 220 Glue Gun

    The HB 220 Glue Gun from Pam Fastenings offers exceptional quality and versatility. Its adjustable temperature feature allows it to work with both standard and low temperature glue sticks, with a maximum operating temperature of 428˚F. It also features some specially made nozzles for applications in flooring installation, and is also great for industrial, assembly, and packaging applications. HB 220 has a dispensing rate of between 1.5-2.6lb/hour, depending on the adhesive and temperature, and includes an adjustable full-hand trigger and mechanical stroke control.

    Power Adhesives TEC 805 Glue Gun

    The TEC 805 Glue Gun from Power Adhesives features both ½” and 5/8” glue stick options, has a dispensing rate of 4lb/hour. It operates at a temperature range of between 195˚F and 380˚F, and has a warm-up time of only 2-3 minutes. There is also an adjustable full-hand trigger, a 6.5ft power chord, and an entire set of recommended nozzle fixtures that make it a reliable and versatile glue gun.

    Surebonder 735 High Performance Glue Sticks

    Surebonder’s 735 Glue Stick is a high-performance glue stick that is specially formulated to bond to metal, plastic, ceramic, varnished wood, and other non-porous substrates. It features an open time of only 25 seconds, but offers excellent shock resistance at both normal and low temperatures. The 735 Glue Stick features a viscosity of 3,475cps @ 375˚F and is manufactured in a variety of sizes in order to fit many different types of glue guns.  

    These products and many more are available on to help you with all of your woodworking applications. You can learn more about these guns and their various applications by exploring our website, or call and speak to one of our professional representatives at 855-437-7700.