Static Mixer Nozzles - Generic vs Name Brand

Static Mixer Nozzles: Generic vs Name Brand

Need to evenly mix two-part adhesive materials, and you're thinking that hand mixing will be too time consuming and difficult? You've probably already considered a static mixer, which can do that mixing for you, but you may not know for sure which nozzle you need.

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You can use static mix nozzles with either a cartridge and a hand-held dispenser or with meter mix and dispense equipment (MMD). In general, the hand-held option is used in smaller scale operations or for applying adhesive into very tight or hard-to-access places, while MMD equipment is used on assembly lines that require more precision.

There are no moving parts in the static, or motionless, mixers; they are simply plastic tubes that incorporate a series of stationary elements that force the adhesives through and mix them completely. This creates a consistent mix and reduces your chances of getting air bubbles into the adhesive. The nozzles are single-use, so when you're done with the application, you simply remove it and toss it rather than worry about cleaning adhesive out and reusing.

Choosing the Right Static Mixer Nozzle

Deciding which features you need in a nozzle is highly dependent on exactly what materials you're using and what application you're using them for. You'll need to consider the viscosity of the materials, how much you need the nozzle to output at once, and whether your mix ratio is a close mix ration -- a straight 1:1 -- or a wide mix ratio.

You may also have decisions to make about style and construction, depending on exactly what you're doing with the adhesive you're mixing. For example, you may need a different tip depending on what you're assembling. Common choices include stepped nozzles that can be cut to the optimal diameter, straight, tapered or Luer lock for high-precision applications. The actual shape of the nozzle can be the typical round form or a square, sometimes called quadro, shape that provides a different mixing capability.

Most importantly, you'll need to ensure that your nozzle will be of the right quality and construction to properly mix adhesives as you require. If the mix isn't right, or there's a leak, you'll waste adhesive -- and some products can be quite costly. You also need to depend on the nozzle you choose to properly mix the adhesives to your exact specifications, otherwise you may end up with a batch of products that aren't correctly assembled. To make sure that your finished products are of the quality you demand, your static mixer nozzles need to be dependably constructed and chosen with the features of the adhesives you'll be using in mind.

Once you nail down your specific needs, you may find that you have such narrow requirements that you'll need a particular nozzle made by only one manufacturer. But in most cases, you'll know more about the style of nozzle you need, but you won't yet have a good idea of which manufacturer is right for you.

Advantage of Purchasing Name Brands carries a range of static mixer nozzles made by Sulzer Mixpac and Nordson EFD.

If you're already using a system that is made by one of these well-known manufacturers, you may need to continue to work with that maker's products. For example, Sulzer makes patented cartridge connections for its modular industrial systems, notably its B System and F System, so you'll need to use compatible nozzles.

Both Sulzer and Nordson make a large range of nozzles for nearly every conceivable application of adhesives, including epoxies, silicones, urethanes and acrylics. So if you have a more specialized use, you may find that you'll have more options if you stick to a name brand.

Advantage of Purchasing Generic Products

The generic line of Infinity nozzles that we carry at works exactly like the name brands, but they typically sell at a lower price point -- anywhere from 20 to 60 percent less.

Let's compare one of the more popular Infinity static mixer nozzles with the name brands. The IB 0620 is a Bayonet mixer with 20 elements similar to the Sulzer Mixpac MAH 06-21T and Nordson TAH 190-620-01, and works with 1:1 or 2:1 two-part 50mL adhesives, including epoxies, acrylics and urethanes. The difference, though, is that when you purchase the Infinity nozzle in bulk, it is only $0.36/unit, compared to $0.60/unit for the Sulzer option or $0.90/unit for the Nordson model.

As well, Infinity static mixer nozzles can often be purchased in smaller quantities, making them a good fit for smaller-scale applications. While name brand nozzles often are available only in packs of hundreds or thousands, you can purchase some Infinity nozzles in 10 packs. Even in small quantities, the Infinity version is reasonably priced in comparison with the bigger brands.

The quality and construction are just as reliable as that from more well-known manufacturers. Plus, the Infinity line is made in the United States rather than outsourced and manufactured in China or elsewhere overseas like many of the more popular brands on the market.

For testing new applications, working on small-scale applications or just to get more bang for your business buck, purchasing generic static mixer nozzles like those from Infinity can be a wise choice. You can get all the same quality without the higher cost.

Have questions about which static mixer nozzle is best for your application? Our experts can work with you to make the right choice. Feel free to contact us with help choosing the perfect model for your needs.

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