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Sulzer Mixpac Statomix MEFX Series Mixer

Sulzer Mixpac Statomix MEFX Series Mixer

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SKU: 110737 or MEFX 06-18T


Sulzer MEFX Static Mixer Nozzle Overview

The Sulzer Mixpac MEFX static mixer is used for dispensing 4:1 and 10:1 two part adhesives. The MEFX Series mixer comes in a variety of element configurations and sizes and has a stepped tip that can be adjusted by simply cutting off the nozzle end to the desired orifice size. 

Sulzer recommends the Statomix SH Series safety shrouds be used at all times when dispensing with these mixers.

Sulzer MEFX Nozzle Configurations

  • Sulzer MEFX 06-18T
  • Sulzer MEFX 08-18T
  • Sulzer MEFX 10-18T
  • Sulzer MEFX 13-18T
  • Sulzer MEFX 13-24T

Contact us for bulk pricing, less than case quantity or to discuss any questions you have about static mix dispensing.


    Sulzer MEFX Series Accessories

    • SH Series Shrouds


          Elements: Polyacetal (POM)

          Housing: Polypropylene (PP)

          Sulzer Mixpac MEFX Series Specifications and Part Numbers 


          Machine Mixer PP, 

          POM blue elements, stepped tip and orange F-interface.


          Part number Article/Number Elements inner Ø(mm) outlet Ø mm L(mm) max operating pressure
          110737 MEFX 06-18T 18 6.4 1.8 157.4 30
          110738 MEFX 08-18T 18 8 2.4 185.6 27
          110871 MEFX 10-18T 18 9.9 3 222 22
          114331 MEFX 13-18T 18 13 4 235 17
          114326 MEFX 13-24T 24 12.9 4 295.8 17


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