Is It Time to Upgrade to Bulk Dispensing?

Keep Up With Production Demand With Bulk Equipment


Growing order numbers are a good thing for businesses, but it does create some obstacles. How do you keep up? Well, when you expand your production you might have to extend your wallet to upgrade equipment. However, updating equipment does come with benefits! 


Tanks, nozzles, hoses, roll coaters - the list goes on and on. But before we take a deep dive into what you need to set up the perfect system, let’s explore why choosing the right bulk hot melt equipment is vital to your business.

Benefits of Bulk Equipment 

Cost Savings

The biggest advantage of bulk hot melt over traditional hot melt glue sticks is cost. Because it undergoes less manufacturing, packaging, and distribution, the cost per pound of bulk hot melt is typically a lot less than the cost of a pound of the exact same product in individual stick form. In addition, purchasing hot melt in bulk usually allows you to take advantage of wholesale pricing and reduced shipping costs since freight carriers can be used instead of standard shipping services.


Since bulk hot melt is typically melted inside bulk hot melt equipment before being dispensed, it’s more universal than stick hot melt, which comes in very precise sizes to work with specific dispensers. You don’t have to worry about the product going bad because hot melt has a long shelf life and is very easy to store.


Bulk hot melt tanks, or melters, provide an uninterrupted flow of hot melt adhesives for high volume production lines and can provide a full drum of adhesive to be staged so it’s ready when you need it. Their temperature can often be adjusted to accommodate whichever adhesives or substrates you’re working with. Bulk hot melt and bulk hot melt equipment play a huge role in streamlining package and container sealing processes. 

Buying bulk hot melt cuts down on your cost, just because bulk hot melt costs less than glue sticks. Bulk hot melt equipment offers higher output allowing you to increase your production speed.

Top Selling Bulk Equipment carries high-quality bulk hot melt tanks, hoses and hand guns perfect for starting or improving your bulk hot melt dispensing system. Bulk hot melt dispensing can both increase your output and drastically reduce your adhesive costs by switching from glue sticks or slugs to bulk hot melt products.

The Infinity Bond Easy Melt Benchtop is one of our favorites when it comes to bulk hot melt equipment. It's great for simple, low-cost and hands-free dispensing. The Easy Melt is a system for bulk dispensing and is complete with features like a foot pedal, a variety of nozzles, built-in shot time, and more. The built-in shot timer allows the same amount of hot melt to be dispensed every time the foot pedal is pushed, which is helpful when applying your bulk glue to ensure a consistent amount of adhesive on each application. The temperature control feature also allows you to dispense glue between 120 and 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Astro Packaging LS10 is another best-seller, the 10-pound bulk Teflon lined tank is lightweight and easy to move around if necessary. It can dispense up to 8 pounds of glue per hour and support one or two handguns. 

Not Quite Sure About Bulk Dispensing?

If you're interested in the cost-saving benefits of glue but aren't ready to make the jump to a complete bulk tank system, we have some light industrial options that may satisfy your needs. The Champ 600 Bulk Hot Melt Glue Gun has an 8-ounce melt tank that can save you a lot of money because bulk hot melt costs less per pound than traditional sticks. The temperature control feature and no-drip nozzle is great for any application. Check out this review of the Champ 600 for more information.

Another gun that works with bulk glue is the TEC 4500B Pneumatic Bulk Hot Melt Gun. It's powerful 600 Watt heater can dispense 5.5 pounds of glue per hour.

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned pro just looking to improve your processes, our experts have tons of experience in finding (or building) solutions for every need and budget. Just contact us online or call 855-437-7700 for help putting together the perfect system for your hot melt application.

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