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Volume Increasing? Time to Buy Bulk Equipment

Volume Increasing? Time to Buy Bulk Equipment

Growing bigger is a good thing for businesses, but it does raise some problems. How do you keep up? Well, when you expand your production you might have to extend your wallet to upgrade equipment.  However, updating equipment does come with benefits! 

What benefits do you get from updating to bulk hot melt equipment?
  • Cost savings
  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
Bulk 10lb Hot Melt System

Buying bulk hot melt cuts down on your cost, just because bulk hot melt costs less than glue sticks. Bulk hot melt equipment offers higher output allowing you to increase your production speed.

Top Selling Bulk Equipment


  1. Astro Packaging LS10 
  2. Surebonder 753 Bulk Pneumatic Statonary Dispenser
  3. Surebonder 853 Roll Coater

Aren't ready to switch to bulk hot melt quite yet?

Well, the good news is that you can always increase production by switching stick sizes and to a pneumatically powered glue gun. We recommend you check out Power Adhesives TEC 6100, PAM Fastening HB 710 and of course, a tried and true 3M Polygun II.

Surebonder Wheel Coater is always available to work with you and help discover the right solution for your application.  Contact us with more questions or for additional details on products.