Sulzer Mixpac C-System Overview

Calling all contractors, civil engineers, construction workers, and architects. The Sulzer MIXPAC™ C-System handheld dispensing gun packs two side-by-side 235ml to 1500ml cartridges, with 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, and 10:1 mixing ratio options for medium to high volume projects. All cartridges are made from high-grade PP or PA plastic, leak-proof tested, and come with optional valve pistons to ensure easier filling with fewer air bubbles. Like all Sulzer QUADRO™ mixing systems, the C-System can take your two-component application to the next level. QUADRO™ technology allows for shorter mixing with near-perfect layers, revolutionizing a variety of industry applications. And we’re here to tell you how.


Forget metal anchors that rust, break, and weaken over time. When you use the C-System for chemical anchoring, you can apply bonding material in hard to reach places and areas with small center-to-center distances thanks to a wide variety of mixers, applicators, and accessories. The modular system allows you to switch between a variety of Sulzer patented QUADRO™ mixers for greater precision and control on every project. Sulzer takes pride in their workmanship so you can take pride in yours. QUADRO™ mixers condense the mixing process to reduce pressure loss and cut back on waste. When combined with Sulzer’s pneumatic or lightweight hand-pressurized guns, the result is a fatigue-free application process. Easier, faster application, with greater consistency and less waste saves time and money, making the C-System an obvious choice.


You can find composite surfaces in almost any modern kitchen or bathroom. These granite-look-alikes are cost effective, easy to clean and maintain, and provide a glossy, non-porous surface, making them especially appealing in damp areas. The C-System makes installing and finishing these surfaces much easier. When you replace nails and screws with adhesive sealant, you can rest assured that your work will last, that your joints won’t leak, and that your customers will be happy with the finished product for years to come.


It’s inevitable. Cracks happen. It doesn’t matter how carefully you install epoxy, cement, or stone – sooner or later, time will take its toll. Use the MIXPAC™ C-System to fill in holes and joints as repairs come up. Thanks to the MIXPAC™’s range of mixing systems, you can create a two-component sealant for almost any surface from swimming pools and pipes to floors, stoneware, bricks and metal. Two-component sealant won’t shrink or pull away from your joints, making it an easy solution when the inevitable occurs. Almost as easy as application using a Sulzer C-System.


If you’re going to take shortcuts during a construction project, roofing probably isn’t the place to do it. Fully bonded roofs are more structurally sound and enduring than the alternatives. To ensure you’re delivering the safest, most durable roof possible, the C-System delivers perfect mixing layers and flawless bonding. Sulzer’s MIXPAC™ system is reliable, the way a roof should be.

No matter what industry you’re in, having reliable craftsmanship is the hallmark of what makes you successful, and Sulzer’s MIXPAC™ C-System gives you a unique, competitive edge. If you have any additional questions be sure to contact us

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