Arrangement of Loctite Adhesive Products to be used for sign industry applications

Adhesives are making waves in sign manufacturing, assembly and installation! Sign-makers and installers alike, have long sought a way to improve durability and aesthetics and reduce the labor-intensive steps associated with welding, taping, and fastening. now offers an extensive product portfolio of Loctite adhesives, providing the ultimate solution for your sign application needs. From construction to installation, we have the right product for every application. We are proud to provide sign manufacturers with new adhesives for safer, faster, higher performing, and higher quality solutions for sign applications.

Why Adhesives?

Today's adhesives can structurally bond substrates with unique design, production, and cost benefits. Structural adhesives are an alternative to welding and mechanical fasteners for the sign industry fabrication. Adhesives in general, offer many advantages over tape, welding and mechanical fastening. They bond dissimilar materials, provide improved appearance, insulate against galvanic corrosion and offer excellent environmental resistance. 

Use Adhesives To: 

  • Join dissimilar substrates
  • Distribute stresses evenly
  • Fill large gaps
  • Seal and bond
  • Reduce labor costs (welding vs. general labor)
  • Prevent galvanic corrosion
  • Absorb energy
  • Eliminate drilling/taping, weld read-through and mechanical fasteners
  • Maintain long-term sealing performance
  • Create a stream-lined, cleaner aesthetic

Adhesives can compensate for dimensional irregularities by filling in small gaps on poor-fitting parts. They also can act as a sealant, keeping out moisture that causes hazards and maintenance issues with the electrical components in the sign. Cost is the key to success to any fabrication or installation process. Overall, adhesives can reduce the cost to manufacture a sign, as well as improve the aesthetics and the durability. 

Banner Image Choosing The Correct Product

 There are innumerable uses for adhesives in the fabrication of signs. When it comes to using adhesives, the most important tool is knowledge. Selecting the right adhesive for the job is usually the difference between failure and success. There are many things to consider when selecting an adhesive - substrate chemistry, temperature, joint design, working time, cure time, color, surface preparation, thermal expansion, local ordinances, and safety.

It is important to learn about the basic types of adhesives and their characteristics. An adhesive's chemistry is a key indicator in determining which substrates it can bond. It is important to understand the adhesive's correct work time, fixture time, and handling strength. 

Universal Structural Bonders

  • Fast turnaround
  • Good on very thin metals and plastics
  • Low bloom/frost
  • Excellent weather resistance

General-Purpose Structural Adhesive for Limitless Design

  • Faster fixture, high strength of an instant adhesive, toughness of an epoxy/acrylic structural adhesive
  • Multi-substrate performance
  • Excellent gap filling ability
  • High humidity resistance
  • Health and safety/environmentally responsible; nonflammable, low odor

In general, acrylics excel at bonding unprepared metals, composites, and thermoplastics. Epoxies give the highest strength when bonding prepared metals, composites, and natural substrates such as stone and wood. Urethanes offer resiliency and flexibility and are candidates for joining composites, thermoplastics, natural materials and prepared materials. 

Check out our User's Guide to Methyl Methacrylate Adhesives for more information!

Products & Applications

Our products can help with a wide range of sign assemblies, including:

  • Aluminum frame assembly
  • Sign case / sign box assembly
  • Flat cut-out letter bonding
  • Channel letter assembly
  • Channel letter facing assembly
LOCTITE 4070 Fast-Curing Adhesive

LOCTITE 4070 - Universal Structural Bonder

  •  Instant Adhesive / Structural Combination (CA / Acrylic)
  • Ultra-Fast Curing
  • Great for Low Surface Energy Plastics
  • Small Package Allows Precise Application
  • Health & Safety and Environmentally Responsible
  • Good Gap Fill
LOCTITE 4090 Instant Adhesive

LOCTITE HY 4090 - Universal Structural Bonder

  • Instant Adhesive / Structural Combination (CA / Epoxy)
  • General-Purpose
  • Excellent Environmental and Temperature Resistance
  • Good Gap Filling
  • Environmentally and Health & Safety Worker Responsible
  • Available in Small and Larger Packages
  • High Peel Strength

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LOCTITE AA 3035 Adhesive


  • Fast Cure Time
  • Polyolefin Plastic Bonder
  • No Primer Required
  • Low Surface Energy Plastics
LOCTITE H5004 Fast Setting Adhesive


  • Fast Setting
  • Tough
  • Clear Adhesive
  • Excellent for Metal to Plastic and Fillet Bonding
  • Excellent for Channel Letter Assembly
  • Excellent for Bonding Clear Plastics


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