Adhesives and glue guns for taxidermy

The practice of taxidermy lives at the crossroads of art, science and the natural world –a discipline practiced both by seasoned experts and amateurs, by craftspeople and hunters, by people who have been captivated by the sight of an animal perfectly preserved for all time, as though it has stepped out of the flow of time itself.

Preserving, stuffing and mounting an animal is not an easy thing to do – it requires exacting patience, a meticulous attention to detail, and the best chemical technology available on the market.

Here at, we specialize in finding just that chemical technology – adhesives, epoxies and more – and offering it to our customers. Today, we want to feature some products we offer that are perfect for taxidermy applications. Let's get started:

Deer Taxidermy

  1. ASI Superglue. A general purpose superglue with a board range of viscosity and different cure times, this adhesive is a must-have for both professional and amateur taxidermists who are working with parts that must fit exactly (such as eyes.)
  2. Quick Tac 2. This is a superglue accelerator – meaning it helps superglue set at a much quicker speed.  This is a must have for highly detailed, much smaller jobs, such as bird or fish taxidermy – because it accelerates the superglue's set time, it reduces your margin of error on very small elements and prevents ill-fitting or sagging parts.
  3. ASI Clear 5-Minute Epoxy. The perfect epoxy for affixing animal skin to the manikin, you don't have to spend extra time mixing it (that function is built right into the container) so you can get straight to work. Because of its quick setting time, you will never have to worry about the skin drying and shrinking before the adhesive has set, meaning that "drumming" is a thing of the past.
  4. Ad Tech Pro 200 Glue Gun. Hot melt glue is great for working with backings for fur and wall hangings. Taxidermists everywhere also use hot melt glue for quick, general-purpose repair jobs. This gun is our personal pick for taxidermy, because it offers superior quality without breaking the bank – and you don't have to pay for a bunch of industrial features you won't use.
  5. Infinity Bond Awesome Acrylic Glue Sticks. These hot melt glue sticks work perfectly with the aforementioned gun, and they are great for taxidermy because they bond to almost any surface – leather, glass, plastic, bone and more.
  6. ASI Latex Caulk.  A good alternative to hide glue when your deer has a quality tan, latex caulk is also a must-have for folks working in bird taxidermy: Once you've sewn all the holes shut, you can use it to fill wings, cheeks, the tops of heads and much more.
  7. 3M General Purpose Spray Adhesive. This general purpose spray adhesive is perfect for creating spectacular habitat scenes allow with adhering felt to that back of wall hanging pieces.

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