Ad Tech 660 Low Temp Packaging Glue Sticks

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Product Highlights

  • Type: Hot Glue Sticks
  • Brand: Ad Tech
  • Adhesive Temperature: Low Temperature
  • Glue Compatibility: 1/2" Glue Sticks
  • Bonds: Cardboard
  • Application: Packaging

About Ad Tech 660 Low Temp Packaging Glue Sticks

The Ad Tech 660 is a low temperature packaging glue stick with excellent adhesion under compression. The 660 glue stick is available in a variety of sizes including the 1" X 3" 3M PG glue stick size. This hot melt is meant to be run at a lower temperature so be sure to use the correct glue gun. 

Additional Information

  • Available in: 1/2", 5/8" and 1" X 3" Slugs (3M PG)
  • Open Time: 35 Seconds
  • Color: Light Tan
  • Heat Resistance: 121F
  • Bonds to: Cardboard, Paper, Wood
  • Viscosity at 225F: 9,000

Ad Tech 660 Glue Sticks per Box

  • 1/2" x 10" Glue Sticks 22 LB Box = Approx 396 Glue Sticks
  • 5/8" x 10" Glue Sticks 22 LB Box = Approx 242 Glue Sticks
  • 1" x 3" Glue Sticks 22 LB Box = Approx 264 Glue Sticks

Ad Tech 660 Glue Stick Specifications

  • Softening point 183°F (84°C) ASTM E28-67
  • Viscosity @ 225°F (107°C), centipoise 9,000 Brookfield Thermosel
  • Specific gravity 0.98 ASTM 1475
  • Shear tensile strength on pine, psi 529 ASTM D-1002
  • Adhesive tensile on pine, psi 354 ASTM D-1344-78
  • Adhesive tensile on steel, psi 136 ASTM D-1344-78
  • Hardness @ 72°F (25°C) 85 Shore "A"
  • Heat resistance 121°F (49°C) AdTech
  • Open time (approx) seconds 35 AdTech
  • Compression set time (seconds) 5 AdTech

Ad Tech 660 Glue Stick Data Sheets

Ad Tech 660 MSDS Sheet

Ad Tech 660 TDS Sheet

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