Titebond II Dark Wood Glue


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  • Type: Wood Glue
  • Brand: Titebond
  • Application: Woodworking & Furniture


Formulated for darker woods, this dyed-version of Titebond II Wood Glue reduces clamp time due to it's strong initial tack and fast set time. The Titebond II Dark Wood Glue will form a bond that is stronger than the wood itself, it is sandable and unaffected by finishes.  


Type: Cross-linking polyvinyl acetate
Calculated VOC: 5.5 g/L
State: Liquid
Weight/gallon: 9.1 lbs.
Color: Light brown
Chalk temperature: * Approximately 55°F.
Dried Film: Brown
Flashpoint: > 200°F.Solids : 48%
Freeze/thaw stability: Stable
Viscosity: 4,000 cpspH : 3.0
Storage life: 24 months in tightly closed containers at 75°F.
*Chalk temperature indicates the lowest recommended temperature at which the glue, air and materials can be during application, to assure a good bond.

Bond Strength ASTM D-905 (Hard Maple)

  Temperature Strength Wood Failure
  Room Temperature 3,600 psi 77%
  150°F. Overnight 1,600 psi 10%

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