Nordson TAH 200mL Side By Side Cartridge System

SKU: NORDSON TAH 7703001 (CK200SS-01)

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 About the Nordson TAH 200ml Side By Side Cartridge System

The Nordson EFD 200mL cartridge system comes in a variety of 1:1 and 2:1 configurations to meet your specific dispensing needs. This high quality, the single-piece cartridge will fit almost all industry-standard cartridge glue guns. 

Required Retaining Nut and Piston

Each cartridge comes with the standard Nordson TAH 7702598 Plastic Retaining Nut to hold on a static mixer. 

Cartridge System Includes

  • Nordson TAH 7702598
  • Nordson 200ml 1:1 Pistons: 7702664
  • Nordson 200ml 2:1 Pistons
    • Small 7702672
    • Large 7702674

Nordson EFD 200mL Cartridge System Features

  • 1:1 and 2:1 ratios
  • Total volume capacity of 215mL for 1:1 ratio and 222mL for 2:1 ratio.
  • High quality, sturdy one-piece design
  • Fits industry standard dispensers
  • Available from stock
  • Open or closed outlet
  • Solid Multi-Seal Piston or Multi-Seal Piston with a Pre-stage Center Bleed Plug
  • New AF piston available for 1:1 ratio

Nordson TAH 200ml Cartridge System Outlet Options

Open End Outlet

  • Pre-assembled with traditional nose plugs and retaining nuts
  • Most are available in polypropylene (PP) or Nylon

Hermetically Sealed Closed-End Outlet

  • Features Nordson TAH patented "pry-off" closure
  • Molded in one operation
  • Cost-effective alternative to open-end cartridges


Nordson TAH SKU PP/Nylon Usable Volume Description



Open-End Cartridge w/Installed Nose Plug & 3/8" Nut



Open-End Cartridge w/Installed Nose Plug & 1/2" Nut

7702942 7702947


Closed-End Cartridge w/Protective Cap

7704307 (PE/PBT)

AF Air Free Piston

7702744* 7702745*

Multi-seal Piston w/Pre-staged Bleed Plug

7702950 7015947


Closed-End Cartridge w/Protective Cap


Solid Multi-seal Piston (Small side)


Solid Multi-seal Piston (Large side)

7702752* 7015948

Multi-seal Piston w/Pre-staged Bleed Plug (Small side)

7702754* 7015949

Multi-seal Piston w/Pre-staged Bleed Plug (Large side)

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