ASI 55 Hybrid Sealant and Adhesive


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  • Adhesive Type: Hybrid Sealant and Adhesive
  • Application: Multi-Purpose
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ASI 55 Hybrid Sealant and Adhesive Overview

ASI 55 Industrial & Construction Hybrid sealant and adhesive is a one-part, moisture cure adhesive that cures to form a permanent, durable rubber for use in various adhesive and sealant applications. ASI 55 has been formulated to offer exceptional adhesion and green strength for adhesive applications and excellent UV resistance and long-term properties for sealant applications. 

ASI 55 is a non-slump sealant and can be applied to vertical or overhead surfaces without flowing or sagging. ASI 55 is 100% solids and has a very low odor which makes it ideal for confined or occupied workspaces. ASI 55 is paintable and non-corrosive with a very broad adhesion profile. ASI 55 Hybrid Sealant & Adhesive is an excellent alternative to polyurethane and solvent-based adhesive/sealant chemistries. 

Benefits & Features

  • Contains no solvents or isocyanates which makes ASI 55 VOC compliant
  • Easy to dispense and tool at a variety of temperatures
  • Paintable within 24 hours of application
  • Non-slump, can use on overhead & vertical applications
  • Will cure when water or moisture is present
  • Low odor, eco-friendly formulation


  • Viscosity: 750,000 cps (Spindle 7, 4rpm)
  • Skin Formation Time: 30 minutes (70°F, 50% RH)
  • Density: 13.8 lbs./gal
  • Hardness: 34 (Shore A)
  • Modulus 100%: 0.73 MPa
  • Tensile Strength: 1.16 MPa
  • Elongation at Break: 300%
  • Lap Shear: 0.90 MPa
  • Gun Grade: Pass (Non-Slump)
  • QUV Testing: Pass (4,000 hrs)
  • Service Temperature: -50°F to 220°F
  • Cure in Depth After 7 Days: 11 mm (70°F, 50% RH)

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