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infinity bond mcq 10-24t quadro static mixer nozzle
Sulzer Mixpac MS 13-32G-01 Static Mixer Nozzle
Infinity Bond MCQ 08-24T Quadro Static Mixer
Infinity Bond MFH 10-24T Static Mixer Nozzle
Infinity Bond MGQ 08-24T Static Mixer Nozzle
infinity bond static mixer nozzle mfh 08-18t
sulzer mixpac mizer nozzle 08-18T
Infinity Bond MAQ 05-16L Static Mixer

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Common Questions and Answers About Disposable Static Mixers

The static mixer is attached to a two part cartridge filled with an A side and B side of adhesive. The adhesive is then forced out of both sides with a plunger and the two parts meet and mix in the static mixer. The material combines as it makes its way through the mixer until a fully combined A and B come out of the end of the nozzle.

Disposable static mixers typically use a series of curves or steps called "Elements" to mix two part materials. As the part A and part B adhesives make their way down the static mixer past these Elements, they combine to activate and become fully combined.

Some mixers have more elements for difficult to combine adhesives or to ensure total coalescence. There are also Turbo or Quadro mixers that use extremely efficient element designs allowing for better mixing in a shorter nozzle. Typically these static mixers have a square body and are slightly more expensive. The major benefit is better blending of the adhesive in a shorter nozzle allowing users to work closer to their substrates. 

There are a number of static mixer tips available to meet different application needs. Here are a few of the most common tips. 

  • Stepped Tip: this tip is layered and can be cut at different intervals to control the bead size being dispensed. This is probably the most common type of nozzle tip.
  • Tapered Tip: this tip tapers to a small cone and, unlike the stepped tip, is not meant to be cut to change the bead size.
  • Luer Lock Tip: this tip is used to attach needles or other attachments for precision or specialty dispensing.

The amount of static mixers available can feel overwhelming. We've created an easy to use static mixer finder at the top of this page to help choose the perfect mixer for your application. You can also contact one of our adhesive dispensing experts to get a recommendation on the perfect mixing nozzle to meet your needs. 

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