Titebond WW60 PUR Hot Melt Cartridge

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* Please Note: The Titebond WW60 has been replaced with the EXACT equivalent Infinity PUR WW60. This is the same adhesive and cartridge and will fit all existing guns.

About the Titebond WW60 HiPURformer PUR Adhesive

The Titebond WW60 is perfect for woodworking projects with a fast set time and a strong, permanent bond to most wood and wood composite products. The WW60 is also excellent for gap filling with medium viscosity, fast set and opaque white color.

Titebond WW60 Works With:

Titebond WW60 PUR Specs & Features

  • High-strength, permanent bonds and fast set - 60 seconds
  • Interior/Exterior - Waterproof
  • Greatly reduces or eliminates mechanical fasteners in many applications
  • Solvent free and nonflammable
  • Versatile performance
  • Trim & molding, chair rails, cabinetry and case goods
  • Birdhouses, planters, furniture and other outdoor applications
  • UV indicator for easy cleanup
  • Gap filling

Titebond WW60 Overall Specifications

  • Type: Polyurethane
  • Non-reactive VOC: 0 g/L
  • State : SolidWeight/gallon : 9.8 lbs.
  • Color : Translucent
  • Dried Film: Opaque white
  • Freeze/thaw stability : Will not freeze
  • Solids : 100%
  • Viscosity : 12,000 (cps) @ 250°F.
  • Storage life : 15 months in unopened container. 4 weeks after opened.

WW60 Bond Strength - At Room Temperature

Time Strength psi of WW60
10 min 600
1 hour 1,130
24 hours 1,480


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