3M 3762LM - Low Temp Packaging Glue Sticks
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3M 3762LM Low Temp Packaging Glue Sticks

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SKU: 3M 051115-25579


3M 3762LM is a low temperature packaging glue stick so be sure to dispense using the correct 3M glue gun. The 3M 3762LM comes in sizes for all of the 3M applicators and complies under FDA regulation for indirect contact with food. 3762LM glue sticks are also used for creating POP displays and other paper product assembly projects.

Matching Your 3M Glue Stick to the Correct 3M Glue Gun

3M AE Size (1/2" X 12") Glue Sticks Fit:

3M TC Size (5/8" X 2") Glue Sticks Fit:

3M Q Size (5/8" X 8") Glue Sticks Fit:

3M PG Size (1" X 3") Glue Sticks Fit:


3M 3762LM Glue Stick Specs

  • Works with: Sizes for All 3M Applicators
  • Open Time: 35 Seconds
  • Color: Light Amber
  • Heat Resistance: 130F
  • Bonds to: Cardboard
  • Chemical Base: EVA


3M 3762LM MSDS

3M Bonding Guide


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