Ad Tech 645 Packaging Glue Sticks
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Ad Tech 645 premium packaging glue sticks

Ad Tech 645 Packaging Glue Sticks

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Glue Stick Size: 1/2" Glue Sticks - 25LBS

SKU: ADTECH-645-110-25LBS


This new product from Ad Tech is superior for carton closing. Ad Tech 645 was formulated for high output and is a low viscosity adhesive. These packaging glue sticks offer excellent wetting and set rapidly under compression. We recommend using this adhesive for bonding paper and cardboard.


  • Softening Point 230°F (114°C) ASTM E28-67
  • Viscosity @ 350°F (176°C), centipoise 1,100 Brookfield Thermosel
  • Specific gravity 0.98 ASTM 1475
  • Shear tensile strength on pine, psi 725 ASTM D-1002
  • Adhesive tensile on pine, psi 179 ASTM D-1344-78
  • Adhesive tensile on steel, psi 55 ASTM D-1344-78
  • Hardness @ 72°F (25°C) 97 Shore "A"
  • Heat resistance 160°F (71°C) AdTech
  • Compression set time (seconds) 1-3 AdTech

Quantity Breakdown

  • 1/2" x 10" Glue Sticks 25 LB Box = Approx 450 Glue Sticks


Ad Tech 645 SDS Sheet

Ad Tech 645 TDS Sheet
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