Wacker Elastosil A 16 Blue - Screen Printable Silicone


Product Highlights

Wacker Elastosil A 16 Blue Silicone Overview

Wacker Elastosil A 16 Blue is an RTV-1 silicone rubber designed for use in electronic applications. Elastosil A 16 is a one component adhesive making it easy to dispense and has a very long skin over time accompanied by a very strong bond. 

* 4 Pail Price (92 kg) - Contact us for samples or smaller order quantities. 

How It Works

This particular silicone begins to cure when it interacts with carbon dioxide and moisture in the air. Best results when using Elastosil A 16 will come from cleaning your surface thoroughly with some type of solvent like acetone or xylene to make sure your materials are completely free from dirt, grease and debris. 

To get even better results, it is recommended to use a 5 mil coating of this particular silicone which can then be treated with cycles of heat in a moist CO2 environment. Details can be found in the TDS and you may contact us for any additional questions. 

Benefits of Elastosil A 16 Blue

Aside from the long skin over time and strong bond, Elastosil A 16 Blue can be silk screened after it is applied. It also reacts with carbon dioxide for an accelerated cure. 

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