Wacker Elastosil E14 Silicone


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Product Highlights

  • Type: Silicone
  • Brand: Wacker Silicone
  • Application: Bonding and Sealing

Wacker Elastosil E14 Silicone Overview

Wacker Elastosil E14 is an RTV 1 silicone meaning it is a one part adhesive and does not require mixing. E14 comes in both cartridges and drums and cures at room temperature as it reacts with moisture in the air. 

The Wacker E14 formulation is non-slump and offers excellent heat stability. The E14 will also bond to a wide range of substrates and does not require a primer. 

* Samples may be available upon request. Questions? Contact us with silicone or other adhesive recommendations, volume pricing or for samples. 

Elastosil E14 Specifications

Uncured Specifications

  • Color: red
  • Density: at 20 °C DIN 53479 1,15 g/cm³
  • Viscosity: dynamic ISO 3219 non-slump
  • Skin forming time at 23 °C: 50 % RH 15 - 20 min Curing time, 23 °C, 50 % RH 12 h/mm

Cured Specifications

  • Color: red
  • Density at 23 °C in water:  DIN EN ISO 1183-1 / ISO 2781 1,18 g/cm³
  • Hardness Shore A: DIN 53 505 / ISO 868 38
  • Elongation at break: DIN 53504 S1 / ISO 37 450 %
  • Tensile strength: DIN 53504 S1 / ISO 37 3,00 N/mm2
  • Tear strength: ASTM D 624 7,0 N/mm

Elastosil E14 Data Sheets

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