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Wacker Elastosil M 4514 Mold Making Silicone

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  • Wacker
By Application:
  • Silicone Mold Making

Ships from Minneapolis, MN, USA


Wacker Elastosil M 4515 Overview

Wacker Elastosil M 4514 is an RTV-2 silicone formulated for mold making. More specifically, M 4514 is a two-part condensation curing silicone that vulcanizes at room temperature.


Because Elastosil M 4514 is a high performance mold making silicone, it is often used in creating models with extensive undercuts and is excellent for processing polyester and polyurethane resins. 


  • Great flowability and self-dearation
  • Low Shore A hardness (see specs below)
  • Excellent tear strength
  • High elongation and flexibility
  • Outstanding chemical resistance to attack by polyester and polyurethane resins
  • Mold life is significantly extended

Data Sheets

Wacker is one of the top silicone manufacturers in the world. offers the complete line of Wacker silicone products for adhering, bonding, laminating and molding applications. 

Questions? Contact us with any questions on the Elastosil M 4514 silicone or any specific inquiries about matching the right product to meet your application needs.

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Wacker Elastosil M 4514 Mold Making Silicone

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Wacker Elastosil M 4514 Mold Making Silicone