Superglue Quick Reference Guide

Find the Right Glue for Any Project

At, we offer a wide variety of super glue and cyanoacrylate so you'll be able to find the right glue for any project. To make your research process go more smoothly, we put together this guide for you to reference anytime you're looking for a product to fit the needs of a new project. 

Ready for the lowdown on ASI's CA superglue products?  Let's get started. We've even included some Infinity Bond Cyanoacrylate options that are equal or superior in quality at a lower cost. 

Bonding Rubber and Plastic 

Great for bonding a variety of substrates, especially rubber and plastic is the RP series Superglue. This general-purpose adhesive offers versatility and comes in a board range of viscosity – anywhere from 5 cps to 4,000 cps. It also comes in a gel.

Another option is the Infinity Bond Rubber and Plastic Super Glue Cyanoacrylate, which offers the same strength and versatility as a lower-cost option. 

Surface Insensitive

To bond difficult materials like acidic surfaces, wood or PVC, you need a glue that will cure quickly and with strength. The SI series Superglue will give you the permanent bond you need quickly. It comes in viscosities of 5 cps to 5,000 cps and also has a gel option.

The Infinity Bond Surface Insensitive Cyanoacrylate offers the same great performance at a lower price point. This enhanced glue is perfect for bonding acidic, dry, porous, or other difficult to bond surfaces. It's great for repairs, product assembly, manufacturing, woodworking, and much more. 

Bonding Metal

Whether you're bonding metal to metal or metal to another substrate, the M series Superglue is engineered to bond these quickly with a strong and permanent bond. Its viscosity variety ranges from 5 cps to 1,000 cps.

Rubber Toughened

For maximum impact resistance, the HP Series Superglue is specifically formulated as a rubber toughened super glue that offers sheer strength and thermocycling properties. It ranges from 300 cps to 10,000 cps, and is perfect for bonding a variety of substrates (both similar and dissimilar).

The TS series Superglue is a second rubber toughened ASI product. It is clear-colored and offers plenty of impact resistance and thermal cycling properties. Comes in a range of viscosities from 300 cps to 4,000 cps.

Another option is the Infinity Bond Rubber Toughened Cyanoacrylate which offers a flexible bond, perfect for product assembly applications that will be used in active environments.

High Temperature

Able to resist temperatures up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit, the HT Series Superglue the best adhesive for applications with lots of temperature cycling, or on products that are going to need to hold together for a long time in a hot place. Ranges from 5 cps to 4,000 cps.

Fast Setting

The FS series Superglue is a fast-setting instant super glue adhesive. This product works exceptionally well in low-moisture conditions and when you need a very fast fixture time.

Medical Grade

Working in the medical industry? ASI has you covered with their MG series Superglue. It has a USP Class VI certification and is perfect for all medical devices. Viscosities come in a range of 5 cps to 4,000 cps.

Infinity Bond also offers a medical-grade cyanoacrylate adhesive. It is compatible with most sterilization methods and meets the biocompatibility standards for ISO 10993 and USP Class VI. It's able to create a strong, permanent bond to a variety of substrates like plastics, rubbers, and metals, making it a great cost-saving option. Check out more information on medical grade adhesives to suit your application.

Low Bloom

For applications when you need to avoid the smell or frosty color that occurs in superglues, try the NI "M" series Superglue which is a low-odor, low-bloom version of ASI's CA Superglue. The range of viscosities for this product is 5 cps to 1,000 cps.

The Infinity Bond Low Bloom Low Odor is another cyanoacrylate for applications where odor and blooming need to be eliminated. This Infinity Bond alternative offers superior optical quality at a lower price. 

Ready to Make Your Purchase? 

Nothing matches our commitment to bringing you the widest variety of high-quality superglue products so that you can get the job done right – the first time, every time. If you still have questions about which cyanoacrylate is right for you or how you can get the best price, contact us. Our knowledgable team is happy to assist. 

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