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ASI Superglue Quick Reference Guide

ASI Superglue Quick Reference Guide

Ladies and gentlemen, hit your "bookmark" button.  You will want to keep this post handy.

As we mentioned in a previous post, we are highlighting ASI's superior products all month here at, so we wanted to be sure those of you that use them – particularly their cyanoacrylate Superglue series – have a quick reference guide you can return to whenever you are ready to research a new project or place an order.

Ready for the lowdown on ASI's CA superglue products?  Let's get started.

  • RP series Superglue – this general-purpose adhesive is perfect for bonding rubber and plastic (hence, the RP series) and comes in a board range of viscosity – anywhere from 5 cps to 4,000 cps. It also comes in a gel.
  • SI series Superglue – the SI stands for "surface insensitive" and this adhesive specializes in jobs that require fast cure speeds and bonding difficult materials together, like wood, PVC or acidic surfaces. It comes in viscosities of 5 cps to 5,000 cps and also has a gel option.
  • M series Superglue – ASI's M series is a CA superglue that is specifically engineered to bond metal to itself or another substrate. Its viscosity variety ranges from 5 cps to 1,000 cps.
  • HP Series Superglue – this is a black cyanoacrylate Superglue with unparalleled peel, impact and shear strength. It ranges from 300 cps to 10,000 cps, and is perfect for bonding a variety of substrates (both similar and dissimilar.)
  • HT Series Superglue – the HT here is for "high temperature." You'll want to use this adhesive for applications with lots of temperature cycling, or on products that are going to need to hold together for a long time in a hot place. Ranges from 5 cps to 4,000 cps.
  • TS series Superglue – this CA superglue is clear-colored and offers plenty of impact resistance and thermal cycling properties. Comes in a range of viscosities from 300 cps to 4,000 cps.
  • FS series Superglue – if you need your superglue to cure at superhero-level speeds (or you work in a desert or a similarly dry environment) this adhesive has your name written all over it. It comes in viscosities of 5 cps to 4,000 cps, and there is a gel available, too.
  • MG series Superglue – working in the medical industry? ASI has you covered with their MG series of cyanoacrylate Superglue. It has a USP Class VI certification and is perfect for all medical devices. Viscosities come in a range of 5 cps to 4,000 cps.
  • NI "M" series Superglue – The low-odor, low-bloom version of ASI's CA Superglue, this glue won't give you the frosting or smell of other cyanoacrylate adhesives. The range of viscosities for this product are 5 cps to 1,000 cps.

Nothing matches our commitment to bringing you the widest variety of high-quality superglue products so that you can get the job done right – the first time, every time. 

How is our reference guide working out for you?  Let us know in the comments.