PAM Fastening PAMTite & PAMTite Plus Glue Stick Review

Are PAMTite glue sticks all they are cracked up to be?

Well, to be honest they are pretty much the cat's meow. We have quite a few customers who will order only PAMTite or PAMTite Plus glue sticks. Now, we aren't saying that PAMTite glue sticks are the only glue sticks for flooring applications, but there is something to be said for getting what you pay for.

PAMTite and PAMTite Plus offer speed, strength and versatility for indoor applications.  For quick tack PAMTite is your best best, however, if you need a longer open time or greater heat and cold resistance PAMTite Plus is the way to go.

PAMTite's Biggest Competition:
Typical Uses:

Interior Flooring

  • Carpet tack strips
  • Transition strips
  • Carpet bubble repair
    Hardwood Flooring
    • Starter rows
    • Transition strips
    • Hollow spot repair

      Interior Renovation

      • Wood moldings
      • Vinyl cove molding
      • Ceramic repair
      Industrial & Assembly
      • Assembly
      • Door repair


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