3M Polygun PG II Glue Stick Selection Guide

The versatile 3M Polygun PG II is great for various applications, from woodworking to electronics. Many manufacturers use this reliable glue gun from the early stages of production all the way to packaging the finished product. Choose the best glue stick for your application with our 3M Polygun PG II Glue Stick Selection Guide. Choose your application below and learn about the best glue sticks for your project.

PG Glue Sticks for Furniture and Woodworking

The 3M Polygun PG II easily bonds wood, laminate, particle board, MDF, foam, and fabric. Instant bonding makes it easy to create beautiful furniture without clamping. Create beautiful, lasting furniture and wood construction with these adhesive glue sticks.

Best Adhesives
  • Infinity WoodTAC - This is the go-to woodworking glue stick. It offers a medium open time and excellent adhesion to wood and a wide-range of other substrates. 
  • 3792 General Purpose - This multipurpose glue stick is great for wood, fabric, and many other materials. Its long open time makes it easy to use and effective for most furniture projects.
  • 3792LM Heat Sensitive - For heat sensitive surfaces, this general purpose glue stick is the way to go. It works well on wood, foam, fabric, and cardboard.
  • 3738 General Purpose - Use these for wood bonding and chip board. With a high delivery rate and long bonding range, they're a great option for woodworking.

PG Glue Sticks for Transportation and Electrical Manufacturing

Use the 3M PG II glue gun for small joints, trim and mounting attachments. It works great for large surface lamination, electrical manufacturing, and potting assemblies. Use the glue sticks listed below to bond foam, fabric, and even difficult surfaces like low surface energy plastics.

Best Adhesives
  • 3748 Electronics - With superior shock and heat resistance, these glue sticks are an excellent choice for electronics. They won't corrode copper, and work on plastics as well as electrical components. 
  • 3797 Electrical Potting - Typically used for electrical potting, these glue sticks offer high temperature resistance, low viscosity, and fantastic electrical properties. 
  • 3747 General Purpose - Use these glue sticks on metal and plastic with the standard heat glue gun. Their heat resistance is average, and they are a great solution for bonding the metal and plastic components used in transportation.

PG Glue Sticks for Packaging

A durable hot melt glue gun works faster than tape, and creates a better seal for waxed or printed surfaces. Seal corrugated cardboard invisibly and quickly with this great product. The 3M PG II is one of the best options for packaging. Use these adhesives to make the most of this excellent tool.

Best Adhesives
  • 3762 Packaging - This glue stick provides a fast initial tack to paper, cardboard, and other lightweight surfaces. It works great on coated and waxed surfaces that need more than just tape to hold together. This product is also approved by the FDA for indirect contact with food. It sets quickly and is easy to use.
  • 3762LM Low Temperature Packaging - These glue sticks use "hot tack" to hold lightweight surfaces together. They are ideal for low temperature packaging and comply with FDA regulators for indirect food contact. Use them for more delicate or heat sensitive materials.

Product Assembly and Manufacturing

The 3M PG II is great for product assembly and manufacturing. Assemble materials efficiently for a durable hold that lasts long-term. Fast, reliable product performance makes it easy to assemble your product. Depending on the 

Best Adhesives
  • 3764 Plastic - These clear adhesive sticks are the top choice for bonding plastic. They are flexible and shock resistant, even when used at a lower temperature. They can even bond LSE plastics.
  • 3792LM Heat Sensitive - For lower temperature applications or delicate materials, this multipurpose glue stick is a fantastic solution.
  • 3789 Polyamide - If the surfaces you work with don't adhere easily, this is the best solution. With good heat resistance, it's great for most challenging surfaces.
  • 3796 Heat Resistant - Use these top-of-the-line glue sticks to bond wood, metal and plastic. Your standard temperature PG II will maintain high heat resistance with these glue sticks.

Displays and Trade Exhibits

Displays and exhibits require fast assembly and simple construction. Put them up safely with a low-temperature model of the 3M PG II. Low melt adhesives are very simple to use, and most work well with foam, fabrics, wood, and plastic. 

Best Adhesives
  • 3776LM Metal and Plastic - These glue sticks are great for general purposes, but they excel at bonding light metals and plastics. Be sure to use these with a low temperature glue gun.
  • 3792LM Heat Sensitive - Choose these for general purpose assembly. They're great on various materials and won't destroy delicate materials.

With so many great options to choose from, there's a perfect glue stick for every application. Whether you have a small operation or a large manufacturing plant, the 3M PG II is a great solution for efficiency, reliability and long-term use. Whether you manufacture furniture, electronics, or other products, we have every glue stick you need for this pneumatic glue gun. Use the same glue gun all the way to the end of production for efficient, durable packaging. Take the glue gun with you to set up your display at trade shows as you introduce new products to the market. This multipurpose tool takes you from start to finish. We're always happy to help you choose the best glue sticks for every step of your application. 

Don't see your application on this list? Looking for personalized advice for your product? Please contact us for more information! We have engineers on hand to help with even the most difficult projects. Our exceptional customer service representatives are always available to answer questions about choosing the right adhesives, even for complex dispensing needs. Let us know how we can help you today.

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