Infinity Bond Tough Guy Glue Stick Review

Infinity Bond Tough Guy: Toughest Hot Glue Stick We've Ever Seen

When it comes to glue gun projects, are you a tough guy? I’m not talking about someone who shouts orders or endures a stubbed toe with a smile on your face. I mean do you use Tough Guy Infinity Melt glue sticks?  If you are a Tough Guy (or gal), then you will probably want to continue to read on in order to make sure I don’t forget to mention all the amazing abilities of this brand. If you are not a Tough Guy (or gal), then you, too, need to read on to find out why you need to convert. 

Tough Guy’s formula for their Infinity Melt glue sticks is top secret. It must be another Tough Guy who stands guard over the vault of data because I am certain they do not want their competitors to find out the key ingredients involved in developing an adhesive that not only sticks to just about anything, but creates a lasting bond that never lets go.  If you have ever had some critical piece of bond work fall apart at the absolute worst time because it involved surfaces that are difficult to adhere to, like glass, metal or plastic, then you probably were not using Tough Guy Infinity Melt glue sticks. 

What The Science Says 

So far the post has been all fun and games. Now we will examine the technical data which will help everyone understand why Tough Guy deserves its name and why the Infinity brand is so appropriate for this product: 

  • Application temperature range of 380°-420° Fahrenheit
  • Heat resistant up to 300° Fahrenheit
  • Open time 30-45 seconds
  • Non-toxic (so if it drips into your sandwich and you don’t notice, you’re okay) 

What The Customers Say 

Tough Guy Infinity Melt glue sticks have been around for quite a few years. Crafters and industrialists have had plenty of time to put them to the test and see if they live up to what the Tough Guy manufacturers promise. The reviews speak for themselves:

  • “Excellent product” - from a satisfied customer who gave a 5 out of 5 stars rating
  • “Extremely happy” – from a project manager of a stone installation company bonding metal to marble without marring the stone, gave a 5 out of 5 stars rating
  • “We tried everything… This is the only thing that has bonded strong enough...” – from another happy customer who had tried them all (glue sticks, that is), gave a 5 out of 5 stars rating
  • “Much less expensive…” – from a happy customer enjoying Tough Guy’s value when it comes to a strong bond, gave a 4 out of 5 stars rating 

Tough Guy’s Purpose 

It’s no wonder customers are so happy with Tough Guy Infinity Melt glue sticks. They are designed to bond surfaces that have a reputation for resisting adherence. Infinity Melt glue sticks are a dream come true for frustrated adhesive enthusiasts who just want their stuff to stick and stick for good. So if you are bonding fabric, glass, metal, plastic or wood, avoid the aggravation of failure to bond by using Tough Guy Infinity Melt glue sticks. That’s exactly the types of surfaces the product is designed for. 

Interestingly enough, although most imagine Tough Guy as being hard as nails, unpliable, unmovable, you would have it all wrong. Flexibility is the very reason the product is so strong. Whether your bond is going to be exposed to high heat or extreme cold, Tough Guy adhesive will remain flexible, maintaining its strength and bond integrity. 

Who Are The Tough Guy’s? 

Just about anyone can be a Tough Guy. Because the product is so versatile, it is used in all sorts of applications. Whether on an industrial level or the home based crafter getting creative at the kitchen table, Tough Guy Infinity Melt glue sticks are affordable so every glue gun in the nation can deliver the strongest bond on the market. Check out a sampling of Tough Guy fans:

  • Product assemblers
  • Packaging agents
  • Woodworkers
  • Fabric crafters
  • Metal and glass workers
  • Stone craftsmen 

How To Be A Tough Guy 

To be a Tough Guy you have to have the right ammo, Tough Guy Infinity Melt glue sticks, but you also have to have the right glue gun.  Here is a list of the best glue guns recommended for Tough Guys (and gals) to use with Infinity Melt glue sticks:

  • Infinity Bond Ranger PRO - Adjustable Temp Hot Melt Glue Gun - The Infinity Bond Ranger PRO hot melt glue gun is a powerful, 330 watt applicator excellent for demanding applications. The Ranger PRO offers variable temperature adjustment, lighted on/off switch, durable stand and a number of nozzle options. Choose the Infinity Bond Ranger PRO for packaging, product assembly, manufacturing and other high demand applications.
  • Power Adhesives’ Overtec 820-15 Hot Melt Gun – It uses 5/8” glue sticks and delivers with an adjustable temperature range perfect for use with Infinity Melt glue sticks. Rated at 300 watts/120 volts, it is lightweight, only 18 ounces, which means less muscle strain and more working time . It only takes 2-3 minutes to warm up so there is no wait, Tough Guys (and gals) can get right to work.
  • Surebonder’s PRO-9700A Industrial Glue Gun – This gun takes 1/2” glue sticks and is designed to meet industrial level demands. It’s variable temperature range can deliver a bond with low melt or hot melt glue sticks. Using a 300 watt heater, it has a high hourly output to keep up with the big jobs. For long hours at work even Tough Guys (and gals) like a bit of comfort so it is designed with an ergonomic handle
  • Ad Tech’s MT500 Industrial Glue Gun - A heavy duty glue gun using 5/8” glue sticks at high or low temperatures. This is one of the best selling glue guns for heavy duty industrial use. It can perform with an output of more than six pounds per hour. It uses a 500 watt heating system and can be accessorized with more than half a dozen different nozzle designs to meet the need of virtually any type of application. Featuring the convenience of a built-in stand, this is one of the best designed glue guns available. 

If you are ready to be a Tough Guy (or gal) then please contact the Tough Guy experts at And if you already are a Tough Guy (or gal) and need to restock on Infinity Melt glue sticks, we can handle any order whether it’s one pound of sticks or a bulk quantity.  

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