Top glue guns of 2014

Okay, so we’re a little late to the game with today’s blog post, a “best-of” 2014 list that you will usually, like clockwork, find a million (or three) of on the Internet in January. It’s been months since New Year’s now – so what gives? Well, if we told you we waited on purpose so you wouldn’t have to read yet another retrospective until you had some time to recover from the deluge, would you believe us? No, no, that’s fine, we wouldn’t believe us either.

The real reason we’re putting this post up now is because we believe that our customers can benefit from the wisdom of the past (and other customers’ considerations) when it comes to new purchases. So with last year’s final sales figures in hand, we’re now ready to let you know which of our top hot melt guns were the most popular with our customers last year, which we hope those of you in the market for a new glue gun will use to guide your upcoming decision.

Alright, already! Here are the top 10 bestselling glue guns of 2014:

  1. Surebonder PRO2-220. This heavy-duty adjustable temperature gun from Surebonder has the ability to put out five pounds of glue per hour, so it is an excellent choice for high-volume applications.
  2. Power Adhesives Gas TEC 600. This medium-duty, cordless, butane gas-powered gun excels due to its versatility and portability. 
  3. Ad Tech PRO 200. This is technically a light-duty gun, but there’s nothing “light” about moving three and a half pounds of glue per hour with a variety of interchangeable nozzles for different applications. A lot of our customers snapped this one up because of its unmatched warm-up time (only three minutes!) and its many thoughtfully designed features, including a dual stand and an ergonomic four-finger trigger.
  4. Pam HB 220. This industrial-grade, adjustable temperature powerhouse was one of the top hot melt guns of 2014 –especially for those in the flooring industry - due to its integrated digital display and controls, which make it a breeze to adjust op temp and stroke.
  5. Power Adhesives TEC 7300. This multi-load pneumatic spray gun made the list due to high demand from customers who do a lot of work with sensitive substrates. Not only does the TEC 7300 put out eleven and a half pounds of glue per hour, it does so at a lower temperature than standard hot melt, so there is less risk of damage to those finicky substrates.
  6. 3M Polygun LT & LT w/Quadrack. Okay, these are technically two guns, but they’re pretty closely related and anyway, who’s got time to read a “Top 11” list? No one. At any rate, they’re both medium volume guns that specialize in low temperature applications, and they’ve got that great 3M design and quality that everyone loves. The only difference between the two, of course, is the Quadrack converter, which makes the second gun compatible with 3M’s bigger, fatter Q-series hot melt sticks.
  7. Power Adhesives TEC 3200. This is the go-to for customers that need heavy duty hot melt without breaking the bank. Eight and a half pounds per hour without an air compressor plus electronic temp control equals a spot on our list of the top 10 bestselling glue guns.
  8. Surebonder 9700A. Looking for an industrial hot melt solution on the cheap? This gun has got you covered. While it’s a little less powerful and versatile than the PAM HB 220, you can’t beat the price.
  9. Power Adhesives TEC 805-12. Many of our customers can spin a yarn out of the fond memories they’ve made with this gun. For a lot of folks, it’s their first upgrade from entry-level crafting guns, and it’s a world of difference: A three-minute heating time, four pounds of glue per hour and best of all, it’s cost-efficient and simple to use.
  10. 3M Polygun II. When it comes to heavy-duty pneumatic guns, this beauty from 3M refuses to be outperformed. Seven pounds of glue per hour, a bench mount, a foot pedal, a large array of hot melt tips – there isn’t a job you can tackle that this gun can’t handle.

There you have it – our top 10 bestselling glue guns of 2014. Got questions or comments? Happy to see your personal favorite make the top hot melt gun lineup – or shocked that your beloved turned out to be a dark horse? We want to hear from you either way! Contact us anytime.

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