About Polyamide Hot Glue Sticks

About Polyamide Hot Glue Sticks

Polyamide hot glue sticks offer a number of advantages over traditional EVA glue sticks but also come with some drawbacks to consider when deciding if Polyamide is right for your application. 


  • Polyamide glue sticks typically offer a stronger bond than traditional glue sticks. This bond is good for porous substrates like wood but also offers great adhesion to non porous surfaces like plastic, metal and glass.
  • Polyamide glue sticks tend to have a very high heat and shock resistance. This makes them a good fit for product assembly applications that will be continually moving or exposed to the elements.
  • Gluegun.com offers polyamide glue sticks in a variety of colors so they can be used to match wood colors and species for knot filling and bonding.
  • Polyamide glue sticks can be a great alternative to epoxy and other adhesives used in potting and sealing applications. Glue sticks are easier to apply, cure more quickly and offer color matching options. 


  • Polyamide glue sticks carry a shelf life. They are sealed in foil cases to extend the life but if you are not able to use them within a year they can go bad. Also, be sure to reseal them well in between using them.
  • The price of these glue sticks tends to be higher than standard glue sticks. Often, this price is worth it if solves your bonding issue but it is something to keep in mind when purchasing.

Most Common Polyamide Glue Stick Applications

  • Electrical Potting
  • Filters
  • Woodworking & Knot-filling (caskets, furniture, flooring, etc)

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