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Infinity Bond Tough Guy Stick-to-Anything Hot Glue Sticks

Best Glue Stick for Bonding Ceramic: Infinity Bond Tough Guy Stick-to-Anything Hot Glue Sticks

Infinity Bond Tough Guy glue sticks are the adhesive you need to try if all other glue sticks have failed. This stick-to-anything formulation offers a strong, flexible bond to just about any surface or substrate. Tough guy glue sticks are great for general assembly, repairs and other tasks that require fast, flexible adhesion.

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Infinity EP 100 Clear General Purpose 5-Minute Epoxy

Best for Low-Impact Ceramic Applications: Infinity EP 100 Clear General Purpose 5-Minute Epoxy

The Infinity Bond EP100 is a perfect clear general purpose epoxy adhesive for many typical bonding applications. It is easy to apply, sets up quickly, and is cost-effective. These qualities make the EP100 one of the best selling epoxy adhesives in the Infinity Bond line.

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ASI 55 Hybrid Sealant and Adhesive

Best for Weatherproof Ceramic Applications: ASI 55 Hybrid Sealant and Adhesive

ASI 55 Industrial & Construction Hybrid sealant and adhesive is a one-part, moisture cure adhesive that cures to form a permanent, durable rubber for use in various adhesive and sealant applications. ASI 55 has been formulated to offer exceptional adhesion and green strength for adhesive applications and excellent UV resistance and long-term properties for sealant applications.

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Common Questions About Glue for Ceramic

  1.  First, triple-check that the ceramic is clean so that the adhesive will stick to it instead of any oils or solvents on its surface. 
  2.  Next, rough up the areas to be bonded with an abrasive, like wet and dry paper to help the glu adhere stronger and longer. 
  3.  Finally, be sure you're using an adhesive that is specially formulated to work on a non-porous, hard surface like ceramic.