Loctite 4311 Light Cure Cyanoacrylate - Medium Viscosity

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Product Highlights

Loctite 4311 FlashCure Cyanoacrylate Cures Fast and Strong

Henkel Corp has done it again with Loctite 4311 Flashcure Light Curing Cyanoacrylates. With this ground breaking technology, objects exposed to light at the appropriate wavelength are cured within seconds and it can glue a wide variety of substrates such as metals, plastics, rubber and elastomers. Flashcure technology offers all the advantages of light cure acrylic cyanoacrylate technologies without the limitations all thanks to its secondary shadow cure mechanism.

All the benefits of the traditional technology are present in the new Flashcure products with the added benefits of impact resistance and fracture toughness.

Features and Benefits of Loctite 4311

  • Cures in shadowed areas
  • Cures with UV/  Visible light
  • Eliminates the need for accelerators
  • Extremely fast tack-free curing in two to five seconds
  • Fluorescent for inspection purposes
  • Good adhesion to plastics, elastomers and metals
  • Good cosmetic appearance
  • ISO 10993 Biocompatible

Substrates and Applications for Loctite 4311

  • ABS to metal – Hearing aids

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Henkel Loctite 4311 Flashcure Specifications

  • Technology Cyanoacrylate/UV
  • Chemical Type Ethyl cyanoacrylate with photoinitiator
  • Appearance Transparent, light yellow-green to dark blue-green liquidLMS
  • Fluorescence Positive under UV lightLMS
  • Components One part - requires no mixing
  • Cure Ultraviolet (UV)/ visible light
  • Secondary Cure Humidity
  • Application Bonding
  • Key Substrates Plastics, Rubbers and Metals


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