Power Adhesives SprayTEC 425 Glue Slugs

SKU: TEC 425-43-5LB

Manufacturer Part #: 425-43-043-WEO-BX10-TEC

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Product Highlights

  • Type: Hot Glue Sticks
  • Brand: Power Adhesives
  • Adhesive Temperature: High Temperature
  • Glue Compatibility: 1 3/4" Glue Slugs
  • Set Speed: Slow
  • Bonds: Plastic, Wood, Cement, Fabric, Foam
  • Properties: Flexible, Sprayable
  • Application: Packaging, Product Assembly, Woodworking & Furniture

About Power Adhesives Spraytec 425 Glue Slugs

The Power Adhesives Spraytec 425 glue slugs are a long open time, sprayable hot melt adhesive. This unique formulation allows users to apply the Spraytec 425 and have up to 6 minutes of open time before needing to apply the second substrate. 

Spraytec 425 can be dispensed with a number of different electric or pneumatic glue guns from Power Adhesives. This product is often used for product assembly, manufacturing, precast concrete forming or adhering large surface areas. 

Recommended Glue Guns

  • TEC 3400 - all electric, bead dispense
  • TEC 6100 - pneumatic, bead dispense
  • TEC 6300 - pneumatic, spray dispense
  • TEC 7100 - pneumatic, bead dispense, magazine feed
  • TEC 7300 - pneumatic, spray dispense, magazine feed

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Power Adhesives Spraytec 425  Specifications


1¾” x 1¾” 

Sticks per lb (approx) 


Carton quantity 


Pallet weight: 


Suggested application temperature 


Brookfield viscosity (POW-12-VISC) spindle 27 

3000cps @ 350ºF 

Ring & ball softening point (ASTM E28) 


Heat resistance (BS5350 Part H3) 


Open time 

Up o 3 minutes 

Low temperature flexibility (tg) 


Power Adhesives Spraytec 425 Data Sheets

TEC Bond 425 Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

TEC Bond 425 Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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