Disposable Static Mixer Nozzles - Information and Overview
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What Are Static Mixers Used For?

Disposable static mixers or static mix nozzles, are used for two part reactive adhesive dispensing. This means two parts of an adhesive are stored in a single cartridge with two separate chambers. A static mixer is then attached to the cartridge mixed as it makes its way through the nozzle. When the two parts of the adhesive come together they react and begin to cure or bond. 

Breaking down static mixers:

What is an Element? An element is a layer or step that the 'A' and 'B' parts of the adhesive travel through as they mix. As they travel through these elements, the adhesive divides and recombines into a homogeneous stream. Static mixers come in a wide range of element numbers, types and materials. 

How many elements do I need? Below is a breakdown of the general recommended number of elements based on adhesive type. These may change depending on adhesive viscosity, cure time, etc. 

  • Silicones: 20-30 Element Nozzle
  • Polysulfides: 24-32 Element Nozzle
  • Urethanes: 24-36 Element Nozzle
  • Epoxies: 15-24 Element Nozzle
  • Acrylics: 8-20 Element Nozzles

    Static Mixer Tip Types

    • Stepped TipsDisposable static mixers with stepped tips can be cut at various points to increase the size of the adhesive bead being dispensed. These ends are simple and don't require any adapters or needles to adjust bead size. The downside comes when fine dispensing is required.
    • Tapered Tip - Tapered tips are not adjustable and for the most part, will not accept needles or fine tips. This is a very simple and easy way to dispense common bead sizes.
    Spiral Mixers vs Turbo Mixers
    • Spiral static mixers are the most tried and true technology for disposable static mixing. They are typically round and have many different options in terms of mixing elements, sizes and materials used. There are spiral mixers for both hand dispensing and machine dispensing depending on application needs. 
      Spiral static mixer information.
      • Turbo static mixers allow for equal or higher mixing in shorter nozzle sizes allowing users to get closer their substrates when applying adhesive. Turbo mixers also have less material waste due to less adhesive being left behind in the mixer after a cartridge is emptied. 
      Turbo static mixer information.  

      Which static mixer is right for my application?

      Check out our blog on choosing the right disposable static mixer for your application. 

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