Ad Tech 298 Bulk Hot Melt
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Ad Tech 298 Bulk Hot Melt

Ad Tech 298 Bulk Hot Melt

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Case Size: 22lbs

SKU: ADTECH 298-800-22LBS


Ad Tech 298 bulk hot melt was created as a spray adhesive for use with large surface areas or projects that require longer open times. After the Ad Tech 298 has been applied, it will remain tacky for up to 90 seconds compared to 5 minutes for the Ad Tech 296.

The 298 is perfect for larger surfaces and users should be able to cover up to 48 square feet and have plenty of time to make their bond. This hot melt bonds will to foam, fabric, wood, metal and cardboard.

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    Ad Tech 298 Bulk Hot Melt Specs

    • 90 Second Tack Time
    • Color: Clear
    • Suggested Application Temp: 325-350F
    • Viscosity @ 350F: 2,000 cps
    • Softening Point: 292F
    • Form: Pillows

      MSDS & TDS

      Ad Tech 298 MSDS & TDS Sheets

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