ITW Plexus MA8105 Methacrylate MMA Adhesive


Manufacturer Part #: PLEXUS 81056

Product Highlights

  • Brand: Plexus

ITW Plexus MA8105: Advanced MMA Adhesive Technology

The Plexus MA8105 represents the pinnacle of next-generation MMA adhesive technology. Embedded with 0.012” (0.3mm) glass beads, MA8105 ensures uniform bondline maintenance, even during high-pressure clamping. 

Formulated for the industrial and transportation manufacturing sectors, Plexus MA8105 promises structural bonding across an array of metals, plastics, and composite assemblies. Notably, its capacity for primerless adhesion encompasses metals like galvanized steel, coatings, various plastics, including polyamides, and composites.

A versatile 1:1 mix ratio combined with low odor, high strength, toughness, and fatigue resistance, sets MA8105 a class apart.

Key Features:

  • Efficiency First: Quick fixture time leads to enhanced production speed. Primerless adhesion eradicates the need for prolonged surface prep.

  • Superior Quality: Even stress distribution backed by high elongation and strength. Peerless heat resistance assures quality retention.

  • Versatile Design Solutions: Enables bonding of diverse substrates, including challenging ones like galvanized steel and polyamides.

  • Lightweight Yet Sturdy: Eliminates heat affected zones, akin to welding, paving the path for potential downgauging. A non-filled, low specific gravity product.

  • Consistent Manufacturing: Easy-to-use with a forgiving 1:1 mix ratio. Benefits from a low print, low odor formulation that ensures a tack-free cure.

Ideal for Bonding:

  • Metals: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Raw Steel, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Electrogalvanized, Galvanneal Powder-coated, or E-coated Metals.

  • Thermoplastics: ABS Blends, Acrylics, Polyamides/Nylons, PBT, Polycarbonate, Rigid PVC, TPU.

  • Composites: DCPD, FRP, Gelcoat, Phenolics, Epoxy Based Composites, RIM.

Technical Properties:

  • Color: Gray
  • Mix Ratio: 1:1 (v/v)
  • Shear Strength: Ranging from 1,800 to 2,700 psi (12.4 – 18.6 MPa)
  • Viscosity: Adhesive & Activator lie between 50,000 – 120,000 cP
  • Working Time: 3 – 6 minutes
  • Fixture Time: 12 – 16 minutes
  • Tensile Strength: Spanning 3,000 psi – 3,600 psi (20.7 – 24.8 MPa)
  • Tensile Elongation: 20 – 40 %

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