Lord 310 50 ml cartridge epoxy adhesive

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LORD® 310 epoxy adhesive is a two-component, thixotropic epoxy system that is used for bonding rubber, plastics, urethanes, and metals. It is typically used for automotive body panels, bond disk drives, vibration damping mounts, and dow-hole oil field equipment. It has low shrinkage, durability, and is resistant to sunlight, moisture, temperature, oils, solvents, and dilute acids.

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Lord 310 50 ml cartridge epoxy adhesive
LORD® 310 Epoxy Adhesive
Infinity Bond EP110 Super High Strength Epoxy Adhesive - White
Infinity EP 110 Clear High Performance Epoxy - 10 Minute Open Time
Best Seller
Price $$$$$ $$$$$
Type Epoxy Epoxy
Brand Lord Infinity Bond
Mix Ratio 1:11:1
Viscosity 400,000-820,00040,000 cps
Work Life 30-60 minutes8 - 13 minutes
Handling Strength 6-8 hours30 - 60 minutes
Full Cure 24 hours24 hours
Temp Resistance -40 to 400°F-40F to 266F
Color Grey PasteTranslucent Yellow
Size 50 ml50ml
Shelf Life 12 months12 months

These values are approximate. Manufacturers often use different parameters for determining adhesive properties. Refer to manufacturer data sheets for detailed specifications. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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