Disposable Static Mixers

Disposable static mixers are an excellent dispensing tool for two part adhesives in a variety of different ratios. Also known as static mix nozzles, these accessories are added to the end of two part adhesives where the material makes its way down a chamber while being constantly mixed before it is finally dispensed. The mixing process often activates the adhesive or material being dispensed and begins the adhesion process. 


Disposable Static Mixer Manufacturers

There are three big manufacturers of disposable static mix nozzles and we will go into them in more depth in future articles but here is a quick overview.


3M manufacturers the EPX line of disposable static mixers. Their variety is more limited than Sulzer Mixpac or Nordson TAH but they carry many of the most popular sizes and configurations. 

Nordson TAH

Nordson TAH is one of the largest manufacturers of disposable static mix nozzles in the world. They product high quality mixers in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. 

Sulzer Mixpac

Sulzer Mixpac disposable static mixers are used in hundreds of mixing applications and are known for their quality and durability. 

Disposable Static Mixer Connection Types

There are a number of different ways to connect a disposable static mixer to your adhesive cartridge or meter mix equipment. The two most common connection types are Bell and Bayonet. 

Bell MixerA Bell mixer will attach to a glue gun or more commonly, meter mix equipment using a retaining nut. After the nozzle has been attached, the nut will slip over the top and screw into the equipment or gun.

Bayonet Mixer - A bayonet mixer is a twist and lock connector very common for cartridge guns of all sizes. Check out our low cost, high quality Infinity mixers for every day 50 ml dispensing. 

Disposable Static Mixer Tips

Static mixer tips vary to fit different dispensing needs. The three most common are stepped, tapered and luer lock.

Stepped Tip - Disposable static mixers with stepped tips can be cut at various points to increase the size of the adhesive bead being dispensed. These ends are simple and don't require any adapters or needles to adjust bead size. The downside comes when fine dispensing is required.

Tapered Tip - Tapered tips are not adjustable and for the most part, will not accept needles or fine tips. This is a very simple and easy way to dispense common bead sizes.

Luer Lock - Luer lock tips give users the ability to add needles or tips for very precise adhesive dispensing. Often, this disposable nozzle style requires a Luer Lock Adapter like this one from TAH/Nordson or this one from Sulzer Mixpac. After the adapter is attached, needles and tips can easily be locked into place. 

Overall, disposable static mixers offer an easy and efficient way to mix and dispense two part materials like epoxy, silicone, MMA's and more. Gluegun.com carries a huge selection of static mixers and accessories at industry low prices so we are sure to find the perfect nozzle to meet your needs. Contact us with questions or visit our Disposable Static Mixer section to shop for your next project.

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