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Sulzer Mixpac MAH (MA) Disposable Static Mixer Nozzles

Product Highlights

  • Sulzer Mixpac
By Cartridge Size:
  • 25mL
  • 50mL
By Connection Type:
  • Bayonet
By Mixing Ratio:
  • 1:1 & 2:1
By Sulzer System:
  • A System Industrial
  • Q System Construction
SKU: SULZER MAH 06-21T or 102380
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Sulzer Mixpac MAH (MA) Disposable Static Mixer Nozzles

About the Sulzer Mixpac MAH Disposable Static Mixer Nozzle

The Sulzer Statomix MAH (formerly MA Series) is a bayonet style mixer with a twist and lock mount for 1:1 and 2:1 adhesive dispensing. Locking the MAH mixer into place automatically aligns the first element when using the Sulzer A System Kit.

The MAH mixer comes in with a wide variety of elements and styles able to mix almost any two part material including silicone, epoxy, urethane, acrylic or polyester. Aside from manual application, the MAH mixers can also be used in low pressure meter mix dispensing. offers a low price guarantee on the Sulzer MAH static mixers.

Note: See the MAHX Series for 4:1 and 10:1 dispensing with the Sulzer A System.

Sulzer MAH Nozzle Configurations By Part Number

  • 102361 MAH 03-07S
  • 102362 MAH 03-13S
  • 102364 MAH 03-17S
  • 102365 MAH 04-13D
  • 102366 MAH 04-13S
  • 102367 MAH 04-17D
  • 102368 MAH 04-17S
  • 102369 MAH 05-07T
  • 102370 MAH 05-13D
  • 102371 MAH 05-13T
  • 102360 MAH 0517-0413T
  • 102372 MAH 05-17T
  • 102373 MAH 05-21T
  • 102375 MAH 06-12D
  • 102377 MAH 06-12T
  • 102378 MAH 06-17T
  • 102379 MAH 06-21L
  • 102380 MAH 06-21T

Specifications »

Sulzer Mixpac MAH Static Mixer Nozzle Specifications

Elements: Polypropylene(PP)

Housing: Polypropylene (PP)

Sulzer MixPac MAH Specification by Part Numbers

Mixer helix, 1:1/2:1,  white elements, stepped, luer lock, straight and tapered tip options. 

Part numberArticle/NumberElementsØ(mm)L(mm)Vol. (ml)
102361MAH 03-07S73340.24
102362MAH 03-13S133570.36
102364MAH 03-17S173630.34
102365MAH 04-13D134620.6
102366MAH 04-13S134660.6
102367MAH 04-17D174780.75
102368MAH 04-17S174820.75
102369MAH 05-07T75.4560.8
102370MAH 05-13D135.4791.36
102371MAH 05-13T135.4851.36
102360MAH 0517-0413T17+135.4/4.01502.07
102372MAH 05-17T175.41041.68
102373MAH 05-21T215.41242.01
102375MAH 06-12D126.385.82.08
102377MAH 06-12T126.3972.08
102378MAH 06-17T176.3128.52.94
102379MAH 06-21L216.31513.33
102380MAH 06-21T216.31533.57