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Sulzer Mixpac Statomix MBHX (MBX) Static Mixer Nozzle

Product Highlights

  • Sulzer Mixpac
By Cartridge Size:
  • 25mL
  • 50mL
By Connection Type:
  • Twist and Lock
By Mixer Type:
  • High Viscosity Dispensing
By Mixing Ratio:
  • 4:1 & 10:1
By Sulzer System:
  • B System Industrial
SKU: SULZER MBHX 03-16S or 116473
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Ships from Minneapolis, MN, USA

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About the Sulzer Mixpac MBHX Static Mixer Nozzles

The Sulzer Mixpac MBHX Series (formerly MBX Series) mixers can be used with the Sulzer B system components for 4:1 and 10:1 dispensing. The MBHX Series uses a patented twist and lock system that uses separate outlets for the A and B materials insuring there is no cross-contamination.  

The B system mixers are for use with the Sulzer B system cartridges and are optimal for higher viscosity adhesives. They also allow for smaller nozzle sizes letting users get closer to the products they are bonding. 

Sulzer MBXH Configuration Options

  • Sulzer MBHX 03-16S
  • Sulzer MBHX 04-16D
  • Sulzer MBHX 04-16S
  • Sulzer MBHX 05-12D
  • Sulzer MBHX 05-16T
  • Sulzer MBHX 05-20T
  • Sulzer MBHX 06-16D
  • Sulzer MBHX 06-16T
  • Sulzer MBHX 06-20T has a low price guarantee on the Sulzer MBHX Series mixer, Contact Us for questions or further discounts. 

Note: See the Sulzer Mixpac MBH Series for 1:1 and 2:1 B Series dispensing.

Sulzer Mixpac MBHX Static Mixer Specifications

Elements: Acetalcopolymere

Housing: Polypropylene (PP) 

Sulzer MixPac MBHX Specifications & Part Numbers

Mixer helix, 4:1/10:1 dust grey, orange elements with straight and tapered tip options. 

Part numberArticle/NumberElementsØ(mm)L(mm)Vol. (ml)
116473MBHX 03-16S163.2770.6
116474MBHX 04-16D164.286.21.05
116576MBHX 04-16S164.2961.05
116475MBHX 05-12D125.4831.52
116476MBHX 05-16T165.41111.91
116477MBHX 05-20T205.4132.82.07
116478MBHX 06-16D166.5120.53.14
116480MBHX 06-16T166.51313.04
116481MBHX 06-20T206.51573.79


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Sulzer Mixpac Statomix MBHX (MBX) Static Mixer Nozzle

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Sulzer Mixpac Statomix MBHX (MBX) Static Mixer Nozzle

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Sulzer Mixpac Statomix MBHX (MBX) Static Mixer Nozzle

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