Infinity Bond Hot Glue Stick Sample Pack - Average, Mighty, Tough Guy, Awesome


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Infinity Bond Hot Glue Stick Sample Pack - Try Them All

The Infinity Bond hot glue stick sample pack comes with 5 of each of our best selling hot glue sticks - Average Joe, Mighty Joe, Tough Guy and Awesome Acrylic. Keep these around and tailor a glue stick to any application or use them to test out your project before buying in larger quantities. 

All of these glue sticks are 1/2" diameter (sometimes called 12mm or 7/16") and should be applied with a standard temperature glue gun around 350 Degrees.

Sample Pack Includes

* Note - do not pull glue sticks out of gun after inserting, this has the potential to break your glue gun. Run the glue stick all the way through and then add a new or different stick.

Heres what's included:

Average Joe

A clear, general purpose glue sticks. A major step up from your craft store fodder that dries crystal clear and stays that way.

Mighty Joe

A strong, general purpose glue stick for when you need a little more oomph. Mighty Joe dries nearly clear and adds bond strength especially to substrates like metal, ceramic and glass.

Tough Guy

If you can't find a glue stick to do the job, you haven't tried Tough Guy. We recommend a high temp gun with over 150 Watts for best results. 

Awesome Acrylic

This is a totally different formulation from the rest. Awesome acrylic is nearly clear, super flexible and has great temperature resistance. Use it for projects that require a strong bond and flexibility. 

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Official Supplier is an official supplier of Infinity Bond adhesives and equipment. We are the largest supplier of Infinity Bond glue guns, glue sticks, and structural adhesives.

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