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ASI MP 5403 FLEX Impact Resistant One Part Epoxy

Product Highlights

Adhesive Type:
  • Epoxy
  • Adhesive Systems Inc (ASI)
Cartridge Ratio:
  • One Part
  • Gray

Bonds To

Cold Resistant
Heat Cure
Impact & Shock Resistant
SKU: ASI 5403-4
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ASI MP 5403 FLEX Impact Resistant One Part Epoxy

About the ASI MP5403 FLEX Impact Resistant Epoxy

The Adhesive Systems Inc MP5403FLEX is a single component, heat cure epoxy adhesive with excellent impact resistance. The MP5403FLEX offers great bonds to tough substrates like glass, metals and ceramics. High impact or applications with a lot of vibration after bonding will benefit most from the properties of the MP5403FLEX.

Applying the MP 5403 FLEX Epoxy

The MP5403FLEX is a single component epoxy meaning it does not need to be mixed to activate and create a bond. Instead, this adhesive is applied and then must be heated in a convection or infrared oven to activate and cure. 

Common Applications for the MP 5403 FLEX

  • High impact applications
  • Glass headlamps
  • Metal bonding
  • Ceramic bonding

Specifications »

ASI MP5403 FLEX Impact Resistant Epoxy Specifications

  • Ratio: 1 Part
  • Specific Gravity: 1.35
  • Viscosity: Paste
  • Color: Gray
  • Heat Cure Cycle: @250°F - 15 Minutes @300°F - 10 Minutes @350°F - 2 Minutes
  • Tensile Strength: 6,400
  • Shear Strength PSI: 3,100
  • Hardness Shore D: 45
  • Temperature Range: -40 to 400°F

Data Sheets »

ASI MP 5403 FLEX Epoxy Data Sheets

ASI MP 5403 FLEX Technical Data Sheet

ASI MP 5403 FLEX Material Safety Data Sheet