Power TEC Bond 246 High Performance Glue Sticks
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Power TEC Bond 246 High Performance Glue Sticks

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SKU: 246-12-300-CRP-BX05-TEC


The Power Adhesives TEC Bond 246 is one of our favorite and best selling high performance glue sticks. Those cheap general purpose sticks not cutting it? The TEC Bond 246 might just be your answer. It offers excellent adhesion to difficult surfaces including many plastic and metals. This glue is so strong and versatile, it is often used for pulling dents out of cars or bonding metal components. Available in clear or black, the TEC Bond 246 is an excellent choice for difficult to bond materials.
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TEC Bond 246 Specs

  • Color: Clear or Black
  • Suggested Application Temp: 380ºF
  • Brookfield Viscosity: 12000cps @ 350ºF
  • Softening Point: 187ºF
  • Heat Resistance: 167ºF
  • Open Time: Medium
  • Low Temperature Flexibility: -22ºF
  • Adhesive Type: Synthetic Polymer Based Hot Melt

Quantity Breakdown

  • 1/2" x 12" 11 LB Box = Approx 165 Glue Sticks


TEC Bond 246 TDS Sheet

TEC Bond 246 MSDS Sheet


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