Infinity Bond Fabric Hot Glue Stick

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About the Fabric Hot Glue Stick from Infinity Bond

The InfinityBond Fabric Glue Stick is voted #1 staff pick for use with fabric and other light weight materials. This all clear, all temperature glue stick can be used with both high temp and low temp glue guns and is 1/2" in size which is the most common size glue stick we carry. 

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Why The Infinity Bond Fabric Glue Stick

First, this is an industrial formulation meaning it is a big step up from your cheap craft store glue stick. Second, it checks all of the major boxes you want from a glue stick when working with fabric. Use it in a low temperature gun when glueing heat sensitive substrates or a high temp gun when you want a longer open time or lower viscosity (more watery). It bonds to all major porous substrates like fabric, paper, wood and even does well with metals and some plastics. 

Important Specs

  • Clear
  • All Temperature
  • General purpose (sticks to lots of stuff)
  • 1/2" Size

Recommended Guns

Every great glue needs a good gun. Here are our recommended guns for use with the Infinity Bond Fabric glue stick.

  • Surebonder PRO2-100: high and low temp versions available but you must choose one or the other.
  • AdTech PRO 100: High temp version only, great entry level gun.
  • Surebonder PRO2-220: this is a more industrial glue gun but has a great temperature adjustment feature which lets you fine tune from 248F to 428F.

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