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Sulzer Mixpac Statomix MGQ Static Mix Nozzles

Product Highlights

  • Sulzer Mixpac
By Cartridge Size:
  • 200mL
  • 400mL
  • Meter Mix Machine
By Connection Type:
  • Threaded
By Mixer Type:
  • Square Mixer
By Sulzer System:
  • C System Industrial
  • Q System Construction
SKU: SULZER MGQ 08-18T or 300469
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Sulzer Mixpac Statomix MGQ Static Mix Nozzles

About the Sulzer Mixpac MGQ Static Mix Nozzles

The Sulzer Mixpac MGQ Series mixer is a quadro mixer with a screw connection created for use with the Sulzer C/Q system. The MGQ mixer comes with a stepped or straight tip in a variety of element options.

Available MGQ Nozzle Configurations

  • Sulzer MGQ 08-18T
  • Sulzer MGQ 08-20T
  • Sulzer MGQ 08-24D
  • Sulzer MGQ 08-24T
  • Sulzer MGQ 10-10A-2
  • Sulzer MGQ 10-14A
  • Sulzer MGQ 10-16A
  • Sulzer MGQ 10-16A-24
  • Sulzer MGQ 10-19A
  • Sulzer MGQ 10-19A-24
  • Sulzer MGQ 10-19D
  • Sulzer MGQ 10-24D
  • Sulzer MGQ 14-20


NoteContact us for pricing on Chemical Anchoring version of the MGQ mixer.

Sulzer MGQ Series Accessories

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Specifications »

Sulzer Mixpac MGQ Static Mix Nozzle Specifications

Mixer quadro with  green elements, internal thread, stepped or straight tip.

Part numberArticle/NumberElements[/](mm)L(mm)Vol. (ml)
300469MGQ 08-18T188.71296.7
300454MGQ 08-20D208.71427.57
300453MGQ 08-20T208.71427.34
300462MGQ 08-24D248.71618.61
300461MGQ 08-24T248.71618.76
300409MGQ 10-16D1610.715812.69
300493MGQ 10-19D1910.715812.15
300497MGQ 10-24D2410.718714.49