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Sulzer Mixpac Statomix MS Series Bell Mixer

Product Highlights

  • Sulzer Mixpac
By Cartridge Size:
  • Meter Mix Machine
By Connection Type:
  • Bell
By Mixer Type:
  • High Pressure Dispensing
By Sulzer System:
  • E System Industrial
SKU: SULZER 102503 or MS 05-24T
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Ships from Minneapolis, MN, USA

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About the Sulzer Mixpac MS Series Bell Mixer Nozzles

One of the most tried and true static mixers for two part adhesive dispensing with meter mix equipment, the Sulzer MS Series static mixer offers a high quality, low cost solution for a wide variety of applications. 

The MS Series is formed of a high strength Polyacetal so it can withstand high pressure meter mix machines. The Sulzer Mixpac MS Series static are one of our most popular, low cost static mixers helping to drive efficiency in many automated or semi-automated applications.

Helpful Hint

The MS series has an inner diameter on the bell housing of .657 inches while the ME Series mixer has an inner diameter on the bell housing of .625 inches. This is essentially the only difference between the two mixers. 

* offers a low price guarantee on the MS Series static mixer. Contact us for bulk pricing or less than case pricing. 

Sulzer MS Series Static Mixer Configurations

  • Sulzer MS 05-24T
  • Sulzer MS 05-32T
  • Sulzer MS 06-24T
  • Sulzer MS 06-32T
  • Sulzer MS 06-48T
  • Sulzer MS 06-56-L
  • Sulzer MS 06-56D
  • Sulzer MS 08-24T
  • Sulzer MS 08-32T
  • Sulzer MS 10-18T
  • Sulzer MS 10-24T
  • Sulzer MS 10-32T
  • Sulzer MS 1012-0832T
  • Sulzer MS 13-12G
  • Sulzer MS 13-18G
  • Sulzer MS 13-24T
  • Sulzer MS 13-32G-01
  • Sulzer MS 13-32T
  • Sulzer MS 1312-1032T

* offers a Low Price Guarantee on the MS Series mixers. Contact us for quantity options and volume discounts. 

Sulzer Mixpac MS Series Bell Mixer Specifications

Elements: Polyacetal (POM)

Housing: Polypropylene (PP)

Sulzer Mixpac MS Series Specifications and Part Numbers

Machine Mixer PP, elements POM yellow with threaded or stepped tip.

Part numberArticle/NumberElementsinner Ø(mm)outlet Ø mmL(mm)max operating pressure
102503MS 05-24T2451.514933
102504MS 05-32T3251.518833
102505MS 06-24T246.41.818630
102506MS 06-32T326.41.823530
102507MS 06-48T486.42.433430
102509MS 06-56L566.44.537830
102508MS 06-56D 566.44.537830
102510MS 08-24T2482.422327
102511MS 08-32T3282.428927
102513MS 10-18T1810321422
102514MS 10-24T2410327622
102515MS 10-32T3210335522
113743MS 13-12G12131015917
102517MS 13-18G1812.81022317
102519MS 13-24T-022413435017
102518MS 13-24T2413429317
102522MS 13-32G-013213837317
102521MS 13-32T-023213445317
102520MS 13-32T3213437817

Sulzer MS Series Accessories

  • Support Washers
  • Retaining Nut
  • Shrouds

Retaining Nut Options

Part/NumberDescriptionFor I.D. (mm)Thread
UM 08 - PAPA 6, Beige5 - 87/8″ - 9 Thread
UM 10 - PAPA 6, Beige5 - 107/8″ - 9 Thread
UM 13 - PAPA 6, Beige137/8″ - 9 Thread
UM 10-14-PAPA 6, Grey5-107/8″ - 14 thread
UM 13 - 14 - PAPA 6, Grey137/8″ - 14 thread


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Sulzer Mixpac Statomix MS Series Bell Mixer

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Sulzer Mixpac Statomix MS Series Bell Mixer

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Sulzer Mixpac Statomix MS Series Bell Mixer

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